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A tale of HYPOCRISY and two ladies – Sana Bucha and Marvi Memon

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Sincere Thanks to NaveedPTI for writing this Wonderful piece to SILENCE the PTI-bashers.
A tale of two ladies – Bucha and Memon
This is in response to the deliberate media trial of PTI leader Imran Khan in Sana Bucha show on Geo TV ‘Lekin’, which was aired on 12th of February 2012.

Sana Bucha
Sana Bucha has deliberately done a media trial of Imran Khan to gain cheap publicity on her show ‘Lekin’  with the help of a worthy assistant Marvi Memon. The program spent more than 20 minutes out of estimated 50 minutes; around 40% of the time doing media trial of Imran Khan for no reason what so ever.
Let me remind Sana Bucha that Pakistan is currently suffering from major crisis like terrorism, corruption, tax evasion, missing person, fake medicine, load shedding, gas unavailability etc to name a few, yet she opted to spend 40% of her program to do media trial of PTI  because it sells and the ratings of the show go through the roof.
Sana Bucha is the best example of biased journalism. She leaves no stone unturned to target Imran Khan and PTI. We, as the PTI supporters, accept constructive criticism, but baseless allegations and propaganda against Imran Khan and PTI is uncalled for; and it makes many of us believe that she is currently working on PML-N payroll.
It is also a well known fact that her uncle Ishaq Bucha, is currently member of Punjab assembly and is associated with PML-N. It is a well established fact that PML-N does family politics, where not only an individual joins the party, but the whole biradari joins the party, same is the case with Sana Bucha.
Sana Bucha is commonly known as the “family anchor” of Shareef family and I regard her as champion of biased journalism as her loyalty lies with Shareef family, viewers can analyze this thing after watching any of her program. This leaves her with no option but to use old and tested tactics of holding media trial of Imran Khan and gaining some cheap publicity for the show.
Moreover, recently she has been accused of plagiarism as one of her article published in The News on Sunday 17 July 2011 is a word to word copy of the article published in The Economist on July 14, 2011. This rasises serious questions regarding her crediblilty and honesty as a journalist/TV anchor.

Marvi Memon
Here is the clip from the show where Marvi Memon made some allegations against PTI and Imran Khan. Please watch this clip if you have not watched it yet, before reading any further.

I would like to state and clarify allegations made by Marvi Memon
1. Marvi Memon showed an appointment letter, which said that she had been appointed as central information secretary of PTI and that she would also be part of parliamentary board which will award tickets to the party candidates
Here is the copy of that letter shown on the TV and posted by Marvi Memon from her twitter account
unverfied letter from marvi
unverfied letter of marvi memon
As far as I am concerned, this seems to be an unverfied or a drafted letter, no party notifications are made on blank paper with no letter head or office address.
In reality, all party appointments are made paper with PTI letter head, clearly stating issuing authority and contact details. Here is an actual appointment letter and how it looks like (source
PTI real appointment letter
PTI real appointment letter
And for the sake of argument, let us assume that the letter was real. The reason Marvi has given for not accepting the letter is that PTI leaders and Imran Khan have suddenly changed their attitudes.
Is that the basis of declining to join PTI?  I don’t find it an appropriate reason. The so called letter was issued on 25 November 2011, and SMQ Ghotki jalsa was on 27 November 2011. If we believe that letter was original and also that PTI leader’s attitudes have changed, then why did Marvi attend the SMQ’s jalsa on 27 November 2011 and accepted the invitation to be on the stage? Marvi could have simply said no, she is not interested and she is not going to attend the jalsa. But she did not say so and attended the jalsa. If there were any other reasons, please enlighten us Marvi? This question should have been asked by Sana Bucha, but again being biased against Imran Khan,her so called professional ethics didn’t allow her to cross question Marvi.
There is no doubt that at some point last year Marvi was close to top PTI leadership and she might have been issued a drafted letter, but the letter shown on the TV and also posted on her twitter account is in no way an official PTI appointment. She could have rejected the offer with more dignity and moved on with the “real change” rather than blaming PTI leader’s attitude.
2. Marvi claims that she had rejected the offer because Imran Khan and other party leaders have lost their humbleness and she cannot see them working for the “real change”. Again, totally baseless and utter lie, a man who has sacrificed his life for the cause of betterment of Pakistan, given honorable institutions like SKMH and Namal university, has suddenly became an arrogant and proud person over night?
I would request Marvi and all anti-PTI people, please have a look at the recent photograph of Imran Khan, which was taken while Imran Khan was en-route to Swabi jalsa on 10th of February 2012.
Imran having lunch
Is this a picture of a proud and an arrogant person? Or the one below?
Imran en-route to swabi
Again, allegation of arrogance and proud attitude towards people fell flat on earth after seeing this road side 5* lunch. Imran Khan is the most down to earth and humble and true leader of Pakistan.
3. Marvi claims that PTI is funded by ISI, another allegation, which is often used by PML-N and PPP. This allegation, coming from Marvi, really hurts many of the PTI followers who still support Marvi and her struggle for the “real change”.  I know several of my own family members and friends who went to PTI Lahore jalsa and PTI Karachi jalsa on their own to witness the history in making. If Marvi has any proof that PTI is sponsored by ISI, then please bring it forward, otherwise this is also classified as character assassination of Imran Khan. Imran himself has said at various occasions that  “I will leave politics if proven that I am supported by ISI”.
4. Marvi Memon said that Imran Khan is not doing grass root politics and is only involved in drawing room politics for last 15 years. I seriously want to bang my head against the wall after listening to this rubbish. Imran has traveled all over Pakistan, visiting the most remote villages which no one has even heard of and held successful political gatherings at those villages and cities. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube to prove this, I do not feel necessary to link them here. Furthermore, she claimed that Imran Khan supported Musharraf during his referendum. Imran Khan made this mistake but he is man enough to accept it and had already apologized to the nation.  But, perhaps Marvi has forgotten that Musharraf was the one who brought her into the politics and she was the one responsible for defending Musharraf’s cruel policies in media.
5. Marvi Memon claimed that there were 50K people in her final jalsa on 22 Jan 2012, after she campaigned in Sindh for 40 days and all of the people wanted the “real change” against feudal lords. I beg to differ with Marvi on this as there were not even 5K people in her final jalsa, the stage was set, the arrangements were made, but according to media reports very few people turned up. If it would have been the case, media would have reported it and Marvi would have been shouting over our heads everyday in talk shows that she gathered 50K people for her final jalsa. Being an active tweeter, she didn’t even tweeted any pictures from the jalsa. Marvi dreamed to launch her own party for the “real change” in collaboration with a local TV channel executive Ali Qazi, but couldn’t as she was not able to get enough local support and there were not enough people in the jalsa. Later on she said this on twitter.
“We didn’t declare a party”.
MM no party tweet
Marvi Memon no party tweet
I am not surprised that why did Sana not ask her any question about 50K people on the jalsa. Also, Marvi claims to hold 187 jalsas in 32 days, this seems very exaggerated and nearly impossible. Simple mathematics shows that if you divide 187 by 32, it comes around 5 to 6 jalsa a day. If we give average time of 2 hours per jalsa + 2 hour for traveling to-and-fro from every jalsa and multiply it by number of jalsas per day (5×4 or 6×4); Marvi would have easily spent  20 to 24 hours doing jalsas for 32 days continuously? How is that even possible? I would have to say we have just discovered our very own Wonder Woman.
6. Marvi said that Imran Khan did not pass any resolution on floods. Really? I mean REALLY is that an allegation? Is Imran Khan in the parliament to pass any resolution on floods? No, he is not, but he took practical steps to help the people effected with floods. Imran Khan, through his charity helped thousands of people effected by floods, just watch this video which shows what Imran Khan Foundation has been doing in Gilgit-Baltistan

7. Marvi claims that Imran Khan is getting all “rented-electable” to his party.  Again, this is a myth created by PML-N and PPP. At the moment, people are only joining PTI, no one has been given party ticket yet. As Imran Khan has said in his various interviews that party tickets will only be awarded on merit which is:
  • Candidate has no corruption charges
  • Candidate can actually run the election campaign
If you visit site, there are thousands of people at district level and union council level joining PTI every day. Secondly, all of these people are joining on PTI terms & conditions and are ready to declare their assets and fight against corruption.
8. Marvi also claims that old parties like PML-N and PPP are either “reformed” or “reforming” and we cannot ignore them. This must be classified as joke of the month . PPP is involved in contempt of court allegations and RS 8500 billion corruption whereas PML-N is involved in fake medicine and deaths of hundreds of people. I don’t understand what kind of “reforms” Marvi is talking about and again Sana Bucha should have asked this question, but she didn’t for obvious reasons.
Apart from the program, I would like to expose hypocrisy of Marvi through her twitter timeline and news articles. If we look at her twitter timeline, she has tweeted repeatedly in the past praising PTI, their  leaders and its youth.
“The legendary Air Marshal Asghar Khan speaking now” she tweeted on 3 Nov 2011
Marvi praising AG and AH
“Pti team is truly super. V energetic” she tweeted on 27 Nov 2011
marvi praising PTI
“Hats off to PTI” when a 12 year old boy asked her to join Imran Khan on 17 Nov 2011
Marvi was about to take a decision on 27th Nov 2011 and uphold haq (the truth)
Even her nephew likes Imran Khan, she tweeted on 23 dec 2011
On 24th December 2011 she said that Imran Khan always invited her with sincerity

These are just few tweets, her twitter timeline is full of praise about PTI.
However, the night before Javed Hashmi decided to join PTI, she stopped him from joining PTI and said that Imran Khan will make an alliance with Musharraf as she has spoken to Musharraf recently on the phone. This was revealed in the talk show ‘Capital Talk’ by Khawaja Asif and also mentioned by Hamid Mir in his editorial of 26 Dec 2011. (although Hamid Mir missed the Musharraf episode, which Javed Hashmi revealed himself  in another talk show)
And as per her twitter timeline, she confirmed meeting with Javed Hashmi and having “Xcellent chat”
MM admitting having dinner with JH
MM admitting having dinner with JH
And on 26th Dec 2011, the day after historic jalsa on 25th December 2011 in Karachi, and her failed attempt to stop Javed Hashmi from joining PTI,  she tweeted
“PTI youth is v sweet ….”
MM praising PTI Youth : Two faced
I was really furious at this tweet and would like to tell Marvi that we are sweet but we are not DUMB. This is not politics, this is hypocrisy of highest level, where you stabbed PTI in the back during a private meeting but publicly declare your affection for PTI and its youth the very next day.
After this act, I have lost all respect for Marvi Memon and cannot support her or wish her well for future.
I thank Allah for saving PTI from this hypocritical ambassador of the “real change”
Continued from above.
Imran Ismail destroyed the "Whole PROPAGANDA" of Marvi Memon about the Appointment Letter supposedly issued to her by PTI Chairman Imran Khan. It comes out that it was "Marvi Memon herself" who DRAFTED the letter. LOL. "Balloon of Propaganda" has been BLASTED effectively. A good read in this regard is here:


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