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"An open letter to Pakistani media"; Why Pakistani TV Channels / Media ignored PTI Jalsas in Sialkot, Muzaffargarh, Bahawalnagar etc

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An open letter to TV media
Posted on March 23, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

On numerous occasions PTI has witnessed a biased media regarding coverage of successful PTI Jalsa. While PTI is almost fairly represented in some channels regarding debate programs we still find it quite shocking that the media continuously ignores PTI’s successful Jalsa unless they become too big like in Lahore and Karachi or when some unfortunate events happens where chairs are picked up by poor people or where Rana Sanaullah give childish remarks against PTI to divert the focus from real issues. The media also doesn’t refrain from fake reporting that chairs were thrown while pictures show that youngsters are having a pillow-throwing game.

Recently, PTI have staged Jalsas with a significant sizes in South Punjab (Bahawalnagar, Hasilpur, Muzzafargarh, Khaniwal) and all of them have been ignored by the same media which claimed that the PTI Tsunami had deceased in the shores of Karachi. Almost every anchor repeated the same questions while PTI insisted on their own plan to re-organise party structure, that is to absorb the huge influx of newcomers and to make a solid foundation of the party. After making a solid foundation the party is ready to start a new campaign for future influx of people. We have witnessed that the tsunami has re-emerged in rural as well as urban areas, but the million dollar question is:

“Where was the free and fair media to cover these events who claim that they operate independently?”

The tsunami has been raging for some days now. It has re-ignited its strength and its power of destruction for the suffocating status quo parties, who have harmed Pakistan immensely for decades. PTI has proven its critics wrong – once again, but the media is silent. Why is it so difficult to admit that what you thought or parroted was wrong?
Is it because PTI doesn’t use money to “lubricate” the media?
Is it because PTI doesn’t use intimidation and violence to achieve its goals?
Is it because PTI doesn’t use “influential friends” to convey their message?

PTI stand for JUSTICE and have no desire to use any of the above mentioned illegal methods to convey the PTI message. PTI want justice i.e. we want coverage in the media according to the support PTI enjoys among the people of Pakistan.

PTI is represented all over Pakistan, among all ethnic groups and among all religious beliefs! we demand to have media coverage since we have proven to be popular among masses. The Tsunami has re-emerged according to the PTI plan and now the media need to reflect the desire of the people to see PTI leaders conveying a message through the media.

Today PTI staged a mega event in Sialkot. It was a huge and historic Jalsa in Allama Iqbal’s city. His grandson, Waleed Iqbal had also been campaigning for PTI. How can the media ignore this mega event and still claim their credibility?

Anyways the PTI Tsunami is NOT going to stop. We will succeed – either with you or without you, InshAllah!

Kind Regards
PTI Supporters....................

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