Friday, March 30, 2012

PTI Khyber Agency membership campaign in Jalozai IDPs camp

PTI Membership campaign is in full swing in Khyber Agency under the direction of Haji Iqbal Afridi (Organizer PTI Khyber Agency). In order to reach out to the tribal IDPs living in Jalozai IDP camp, a membership campaign has also been launched in the IDP camp. A large number of tribal IDPs are becoming PTI members.


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  1. Imran Khan
    you are our last hope.
    i request PTI to please apply presure on GOVT & ARMY to stop ongoing cruel operation in BARA KHYBER AGENCY
    and stop killing innocent kids and peoples of AFRIDI tribe.
    After all we are also citizens of Pakistan.
    and we also want to live in our region in peace like other citizens lives in different cities.
    please forward our message to IMRAN KHAN.