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CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry; the man who makes Pakistan proud

28 April 2012
There are many people who are proud of Pakistan but there are very few people whom Pakistan is proud of
CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry, undoubtedly, is one of those in the latter category. In the current system, he is the ONLY man (one can safely say ONLY as Imran Khan is not in the current system yet) who is a thorn in the eyes of PPP, PML-N, MQM, ANP, JUI, Establishment (Read Pindi & Aabpara), Americans and any CORRUPT person in this "Land of the (not so) PURE". (Those who think PML-N doesn't have a problem with CJ, should read the Wiki-Leaks revelations on the subject. Shahbaz was willing to have CJ removed after ‘face-saving’ restoration) . In this country, looted by Civvies and Uniformed alike, he is the ONE man who gave the people of this country some ray of hope. People who despised the Judicial system of this country, now trust this institution (at least at the top level). Let me quote a few cases in which this man took the mighty ones HEAD ON: 1) Loot-Sale of Pakistan Steel Mills by a Wardi Wala (Musharraf) and his cronies 2) Saying "NO" to three 4-Star Generals on 9th March 2007 (requires guts) 3) Declaring void-ab-initio the world-notorious agreement of NRO between Musharraf & PPP (read Zardari) guaranteed by Kayani and the overseas Masters (US and UK) 4) Missing-Persons Case (to curb the practice under the LAW of the JUNGLE) 5) Cancellation of 30 Million Bogus votes 6) Punjab Bank Scandal case (nearly 6 Billion recovered from the mighty Looters) 7) NICL Scandal case in which he got arrested Moonis Elahi 8) Inquiry against another Senior Federal Minister in NICL case (Amin Fahim) 9) HAJJ Scandal case; A Federal Minister (Kazmi) and many high-level officials in jails 10) Rental Power Loot-Mela cancellation (Billions of rupees under recovery) 11) Cancellation of Rico-Diq agreement (Billions of dollars saved) 12) Cancellation of allotment of thousands of acres land in Gwadar to generals, bureaucrats & the other mighty ones 13) Cancellation of hundreds of acres illegal allotments to cronies of rulers in Islamabad (2008) . Has anybody in this country ever been able to do so much for this country? (and that is not all by any means) In the way of justice, he has not feared anybody; whether the Wardi wala President of 2007 or the Sindh-Card president of today. (Yes he is a human & made a mistake in the past but he has proved that he learnt from that mistake and has re-paid the nation many times that). . Now ain't it ironic that, in a bid to cover their corruption, the ruling elite & their legal & media wizards & so-called liberals (having vested interests) are trying to malign the CJP and judiciary by calling them partial? They never say "We are not Corrupt"; they only say "Why only catch our corruption" - such a shameless defence. The hue & cry mostly sorrounds ASGHAR KHAN case, but since Feb 29, when SC took up the case, the Govt is not interested in pursuing it (evident from the Ministry's position that records relevant to the Asghar Khan case have gone missing - how strange & convenient). Who's responsibility is this? not the CJ at least, then why the hue & cry? . As a closing remark, see this link for the "Wikileaks-Pakistan Cables Summary" to see who, in this country, is a hero (or troublemaker as the MIGHTY ones call him). See this article and, if possible, sift through other relevant articles on DAWN & Tribune websites, for a clearer picture.
Note: This blog post has been written as a comment on the "International Council of Jurists Award" for CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry 

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