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"Democracy is the best Revenge" and PPP has taken revenge from the people of Pakistan

"Democracy is the best revenge" - Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (SMBB)
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Democracy is the best revenge

Every time a PPP member comes on the talk show they very proudly claim
We have made history by completing 4 years of democracy
and when they are asked what have they accomplished in those 4 years, a typical reply, like a broken record comes
We have passed the 18th amendment, we have delivered NFC awards, we have passed the 20th amendment etc
And bless all the anchor persons who are supposed to do some research before hosting such shows; but intentionally or unintentionally they do not ask the appropriate questions which should highlight past four years performance of this democratically elected government with facts and figures.
Recently, I came across a price comparison table of essential items between 25-March-2008 and 25-March-2012 and I thought it deserved sharing with a proper article discussing the performance of PPP government and its coalition partners.

1. Petroleum Prices
We use transport everyday, either we drive a car, take a taxi, catch a bus or ride a bike, we cannot deny the importance of transport in our life. As per the source, if we only compare the percentage difference in prices of different petroleum items (Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG) the average % increase in prices stands at a staggering 111.52%  in last four years. This is extremely high for any country and it is the main cause of all the inflation and misery of the people. The complete table is given below for individual items.
2.Essential edibles
Let’s go through food items, and it is not about luxury items, but the very basic ones like rice, flour (Atta) and pulses (Daal) and we see a massive rise in prices here as well. The average difference is at 93.7%. These are everyday items for common citizens, and yet the high increase of prices of all these items is very frustrating for every Pakistani. The complete table is given below for individual items.
Flour (Atta)16.0033.0017.00106.25
Basmati (Premium)90.00135.0045.0050.00
Basmati (Broken)46.0065.0019.0041.30
Gram pulse48.00115.0067.00139.58
3.Edible oil and meat
The avg price difference for edible oil and meat item is again alarmingly high in past 4 years and the average difference of prices stands at 71.75%. The complete table is given below for individual items.
Dalda 5Kg720.00975.00255.0035.42
Beef (with bones)170.00320.00150.0088.24
Beef (without bones)200.00380.00180.0090.00
4. Poultry, milk and tea
Pakistanis consume chicken as part of their meal mostly as an alternate to meat. Then again Pakistanis as a nation love tea and that too with milk. The avgerage difference for these items stands at 73.16%. The complete table is given below for individual items.
Poultry bird112.00152.0040.0035.71
Egg (dozen)49.0080.0031.0063.27
Milk (fresh)40.0070.0030.0075.00
Milk (powder)310.00590.00280.0090.32
Lipton (200 gram)70.00135.0065.0092.86
Tetra Milk44.0080.0036.0081.82
Moreover, effective today April 01, 2012, petroleum prices have been increased once again and common people have been made to suffer at the hands of these political mafia yet again, with this increase the previous difference of 111.52% has reached its new highs ever at 126.52%
One ought not to be a genius to figure out that the prices are way too out of the reach of common man where it is the responsibility of the democratic government to control them. At the moment, there are around 80 million (8 Crore) Pakistani who live below the poverty line or earn less than Rs. 200 a day and it has become nearly impossible for them to survive.
This is simply barbaric and something that I was not expecting from a democratic government. The current government setup have used democracy as the front end to loot Pakistan and made the life of common man nearly impossible.
I would like to ask all PPP politicians and supporters, are you proud of this performance for past 4 years? PPP gave the slogan 40 years ago Roti, Kapra aur Makaan and still have not been able to fulfill any of its  promise. All the rubbish about amendments and bills have done no good to a common citizen and PPP government has failed miserably.
All the other parties who are part of coalition government are also equally responsible, as they have never protested neither resign from the assemblies against inflation. They are just enjoying the loot bandwagon till nothing is left in Pakistan.
I have given you simple facts and figures and its up to you as individual to decide whether to vote these political mafias again and suffer for another 5 years, or vote for the change and Imran Khan.
Benazir Bhutto once said ‘Democracy is the best revenge‘ and PPP and its coalition partners have worked really hard over the past 4 years to take this revenge from the people of Pakistan who unfortunately elected them to power.

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