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I am a proud Son / Daughter of Pakistan & I don’t want CHANGE

Example of shameful propaganda against Imran Khan and PTI: Is IK agent of Jews, agent of ISI, Agent of Taliban or "Agent of Change"? Decision rests with Pakistan.

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I don’t want CHANGE! I can't vote for Change! You know why??? (a satire)


I am a Pakistani citizen. I don’t want a system of Europe, UK or America. I am addicted to live a free style life now. I can bribe any one for my problems get solved then why shall I wait in the queues, I can jump any traffic light so I don’t need all this.
I am a Politician. I don’t want any sort of accountability. I don’t care about law and order. Party has given me ‘development fund’ and I get some kickback percentage and my son will be the next candidate if I die in case. And I have three sugar mills as well.
I am a Journalist. I don’t want to miss the benefits I got last time. I will vote the party who awarded me Sitara-e-Imtiaz and one flat in Islamabad and also they sent me some ‘LIFAFAS’ as well.
I am a Doctor. I don’t care about patients in government hospitals as I run my private clinics and hospital and I want to run this business seriously. And it is running MashaAllah very well. My private clinics are the only place where these patients from govt hospitals can only be treated.
I am a Landlord. I have unlimited acres of land. I don’t want to pay tax on my income and I don’t need any benefits from the government as I have power to manipulate the system.
I am a Police Constable. I don’t care about the law. I don’t want to lose my job so I keep my relations with politicians to public. I can have handsome income from others sources, now don’t ask about those, please!
I am a Teacher. I don’t want to be present in my school as it affects my personal business but I want my salary on time every month. I want students at my private tuition/academy the only place I can teach them best.
I am a Political Party Worker. I don’t worry to join any other party as my father served in the same party and there is no other party in the whole world, if you know what I mean??
I am a Male Voter. I will vote to the party my dad and my grand dad voted in all previous elections and I cannot disprove my dad’s dad.
I am a student. I will vote to the party who awarded me laptop and now I have been told this party will distribute IPADS next time.
I am a meter reader. I don’t want to lose my extra income for ‘rewinding’ the electric meters and taking putting less meter readings every month of my clients.
I am a Female Voter. I will vote to the party my mom will tell me. And you know I cannot go against my in-laws.
I am a Shopkeeper. I don’t want to stop mixing fake items with the original items. I don’t mind as I have to pay the bills and the rent off course.
I am a Milkman. I don’t want to stop mixing water and powder in the milk to get more money. And you know the inflation in this country. I have school going kids.
I am a Trader. I don’t want to stop black marketing and smuggling. And literally I have invested a lot so I don’t want to lose anything now.
I am a Mullah Politician. I don’t want to stop spreading religious hatred as it will stop my bread and butter my foreign aid. And why shall only me when everybody is getting it.
I am a Lawyer. I don’t want justice and independent judiciary as I will not be able to hire a judge. I will not be able to get heavy fee from my clients.
I am a Local Government Employee. I don’t want to be present in the office every day. I want more holidays so that I may delay the files for any project. This the only way I can have some better life style. And I have a wife too.
I am a Judge. I don’t want any reform in the judicial system. This will cease my extra income, side business. The offers to me will not be entertained then.
I am a Peon. I don’t want anything. I don’t like law and order enforcement. If PM doesn’t obey the court orders then why a peon will do.
I am a Transporter. I want the fuel prices up every day so that I can increase the fare as I wish.
I am a Load-Shedding Addict. I don’t want electricity. I love darkness now rather I like sunlight only. I don’t want Gas supply. I love smoke now. Fresh air suffocates me instead.
I am a Patwari. And you know my importance so why you guys are after my livelihood. I don’t like officials interrupt my business. I am free of any check and balance terms. I want my side business to be secret.
I am a Thanyedaar. If you don’t know me it is your fault. If you are not aware of my power still it is your fault and you know I am right you are always on fault.
I am an MPA. I can slap any one and you know even DSP’s cannot touch me. Only I hate the Supreme Court and media. It is only me who has the right to watch mujras in the assembly session. I don’t like any restrictions.
I am an MNA. I can enjoy all the powers even if I have ‘FAKE DEGREE’. I can eat up all I want to. Why are you going to impose sanctions on me? I don’t like accountability. Even NAB cannot touch me.
I am a chief Minister. I can be in power and in opposition at the same time. I can have as many ministries as I want. I can have what I want so I don’t want anyone to disturb me.
I am a Prime Minister. I am a PM not a PEON and I can not obey the Supreme Court orders.
I am a President of Pakistan. And you guys know my name as well. I don’t need your vote. I am selected by my Big Boss. I am accountable only to HIM not to anyone else. And I don’t like people of Pakistan. So why is all this fuss about??????


I am Awaam. Please do not disturb me. I am very tired. I am sick of all this propaganda politics. I need long deep sleep. Someone (???) has already pushed me to wake up and I had to attend 30th Oct Jalsa. But now again let me have some nap until next elections are announced, please!!!!

I am all the above
Think and use power of vote for a real change!!!!!

Written By;
Nadeem Rana

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