Saturday, April 7, 2012

Live Stream of PTI Jalsa in Abbotabad - Tsunami in Abbotabad (8 April 2012)

Inconvenience caused by problems with the livestream are regretted.
PTI-FATA Social Media Team:

However, Live updates and news coverage / media reports of the PTI Jalsa can be found on the following link. Constant live updates are being given. Stay tuned.

PTI Tsunami hits Abbotabad: Live Updates of Jalsa - Imran Khan, SMQ, Javed Hashmi, Azam Swati to address

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  1. Imran Khan is like other How he can bring chang in Pakistan???? In Abbottabad... Most curropt persons like Asif Zubair, Dr Azhar, Ali Khan Jadoon (Son of PMLQ Leader Aman nullah Khan Jadoon) Azam Swatti another curropt person, Sardar Yaqoob PMLQ ...... a yahoodi agent can bring chang in Pakistan..... Lahnat Imran Lahnat

    1. @Razi Your words are revealing your REALITY :)
      I will not delete your comment so that the world can see the reality of anti-PTI forces. see this article for a better understanding of PROPAGANDISTS like you... :P

    2. imran in simple words you are the best because you donot lie like other politotions

  2. Yes, I do believe that Imran Khan has all the potential of leader to bring change to the oppressed nation of Pakistan with the blessings of Allah. It is not crowed to bring prosperity rather it is the leadership. According to an Arabic proverb الناس علی دین ملوکھم۔,people are following the footsteps of their leader. It is clear that until now since Pakistan came into being the leadership was corrupt and incapable. they looted the country and so did their followers.

  3. @Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA... I am not opposing Imran Khan.. I am opposing all the plotical parties From PMLN to PPPP including MM, PML, PTI, JUIF, JUIS, JI, what they gave to my country???? Imran is critisizing present government and opposition. Y he did not took part in revious election? except one or maximum two persons one itself imran and Javaid hashmi show me any honest person honest leader? this is the change???? he is collecting the same persons or their sons for change... is it possible???? Why didnot delayed todays jalsa? why he ignored death of 135 army persons last night???? yar ek saff banda bata do in main ya Abbottabad k group main sai ek banda bata do... show me one right person... i am not opposing i am crtisizing....Pathans kills our hazara rights what can he do for haraza people... hazara is generating maximum revinew of whole province what he will do for the rights of hazara's people.