Sunday, April 22, 2012

National Anthem, Pakistan Zindabad & Pakistan Flags in Quetta Balochistan (courtesy Imran Khan & PTI)

Quetta Jalsa was not PTI’s Jalsa rather it was Pakistan’s Jalsa. It was a tough test for PTI as well as Pakistan but in the end, it was a job well done.
It was really heartening to hear Pakistan Zindabad & see waving Pakistan flags in Balochistan (where rulers’ policies have made raising the national flag almost impossible).
The solidarity visits of PTI leadership to the Hazara community augmented the feeling of PTI being a party for all. This makes PTI the only party that is approaching the people of Balochistan, instead of individuals.
Thank God, Balochistan’s politics & people are back in Pakistan (courtesy Imran Khan & PTI).
PTI can very proudly claim now:
“Chaaron Soobon ki Pehchaan, Imran Khan Imran Khan
p.s: For those who missed it, our blog has the full package of Quetta Jalsa (Pics, Speeches, Live Updates of the Jalsa). Click the link PTI Tsunami hits Quetta


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