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PTI Tsunami hits Abbotabad: Pics, Speeches, Live Updates of Jalsa - Imran Khan, SMQ, Javed Hashmi, Azam Swati address

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Pics Album:

Live Updates:
  • Tabdeeli aa nahin rahee...tabdeeli aa gayee hay...Imran ends his speech on this note.
  • Imran Khan : Thank You Hazara. we will support new provinces on administrative bases. small provinces for good governance.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : If Turkey can develop in 10 years , why we cant ?? we will make pakistan great country.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : we will bring strong local government system.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : we will introduce the system of justice.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : Youth , you will be leader.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : we will restore the respect of pakistan. Mullana and Mian Can't do it.
  • Chairman Imran Khan (official) addressing to the Jalsa. Live transission at from PTI Jalsa in Govt College Ground Abbottabad
  • Imran Khan Addressing : Its not a Jalsa , Its Tsunami - I pray for the soldier in Siachin.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : Largest well come in the history of Hazara.
  • National anthem Played. Every 1 stands up !!
Imran Khan speech at PTI Jalsa in Abbotabad

Javed Hashmi Baaghi Speech at PTI Jalsa

  • Javed Hashmi (Central President ) : Pakistan Ko Bachaana hy. Najawaan hammaray saat hy , pakistan bachaingay. choro ko nahe choriangay.
  • Javed Hashmi (Central President ) addressing.... Crowd Chanting "Baghi---Baghi"
Shah Mehmood Qureshi Speech at PTI Jalsa
  • S.M Qureshi (Vice Chairman) : Multan and Hazara have same demand.
  • S.M Qureshi (Vice Chairman)Addressing.... Great well come by crowd.
Abrar-ul-Haq Speech at PTI Jalsa
  • PTI Youth Wing President Abrar Ul Haq now addressing the Jalsa
  • Asad Qaiser (President KP) Addressing.... It is the government of "EasyLoad in Province"
  • Azam Khan Swati Addressing....
  • Sardar Zahoor Addressing....
  • Raja Amir Zaman Addressing....
  • Asif Zubair Shiekh Addressing....
  • Sardaar Sher Bahadur Addressing....
  • Media came back for coverage on request of chairman , Izhar ul Haq speaking to public.
  • Chairman Requested Media to come back for coverage.
  • Waleed Iqbal addressing the Jalsa.
  • Dr. Azhar Jadoon to speak now.
PTI Songs/Taranay and crowd at Abbottabad Jalsa (April 8, 2012)
  • Central President Javeed Hashmi reaches stage. Crowd Chanting "Baghi--Baghi "
  • One minute silence for people who lost their lives for Hazara movement.
  • Vice-Chairman S.M Qureshi Reaches stage.
  • Management & Security Team Clearing way to stage for chairman.
  • Chairman Reaches Government College Abbottabad. Crowd charged , chanting slogans of PTI.
  • Ground almost full. floors of nearing buildings full of crowd. people rushed in last 10 mins as arrival of chairman in 10 mins announced.
  • PTI-Women Wing KP President Begum Naseem Hayat on Stage.
  • Chairman on 10 Mins Distance from Jalsa Gah announced from Stage.
  • Crowd crossed 50,000.
  • Zahoor Tanoli (Leader Hazara Tehreek ) Addressing...
  • Bara Khan (Batagram president) Addressing...
  • Kashif Jadoon (President Youth wing Hazara) Addressing...
  • Ehsen Naveed (ISF) condemns killing of Naveed Khan Shaheed In Bannu.
  • Ali Asghar Khan On Stage...
  • Crowed Charged with National Songs....
  • Taimoor Khan (President ISF Hazara) Addressing...
  • Jalsa starts with holy Verses from Quran.
  • Crowed Crossed number of 20000.
  • Faisal Javeed Khan (Central Dy.Info Sect) and Stage Sect Reaches Stage.
  • Azam Swati , Abrar Ul Haq , Waleed Iqbal reaches Jalsa Gah.
  • Provincial Sect.Info Shah Farman has reached Jalsa Gah.
  • Provincial president PTI KPK Asad Qaisar has reached Jalsa Gah.
  • Huge rally of PTI/ISF Haripur heading towards Abbottabad
  • The massive Jalsa in Abbotabad to start soon, it will be a historical Tsumani of Change. Chairman Imran Khan (official) will address at 4:30 pm.
Views of people at the PTI Jalsa - Video Update (courtesy HCP)

Before arrival of Imran Khan - PTI Jalsa Video Update (courtesy HCP)

2:30 PM PTI Tsunami Jalsa video update from Abbotabad (courtesy HCP)

1:30 PM PTI Tsunami Jalsa in Abbotabad (courtesy HCP)

HCP (Hazara.COM) Report a day before Tsunami Jalsa in Abbotabad


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  1. My question for Imran, why could you not appoint Dr. Shoaib suddle for NWFP Accountability Commission? Is it not true that Tareen and Khattak forced you to include an article in the law which said that only people who are resident of NWFP may be eligible for this position! This was a clear case of conspiracy and influence of these 2 on PTI. Why
    cant we hire eligible and competent candidates from all over the world!

    Oh great, no political interference in Police, does it mean NWFP police transformed into a pakistani version of "Scotland yard" without training, education and equipment! Come on PTI Imran, you can do better than this! NWFP accountability commission has not performed yet, moulana diesel is still on the loose! Wished you could have hired Shoaib Suddle for this job, but i know tareen and khattak conspired against him!

    Imran needs to answer if courts in NWFP are passing judgments in not more than 3-6 months span! I guess not, but Nitesh Kumar in India got it done. Khattak and Tareen conspiring against PTI.

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