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PTI Tsunami hits Abbotabad: Pics, Speeches, Live Updates of Jalsa - Imran Khan, SMQ, Javed Hashmi, Azam Swati address

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Pics Album:

Live Updates:
  • Tabdeeli aa nahin rahee...tabdeeli aa gayee hay...Imran ends his speech on this note.
  • Imran Khan : Thank You Hazara. we will support new provinces on administrative bases. small provinces for good governance.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : If Turkey can develop in 10 years , why we cant ?? we will make pakistan great country.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : we will bring strong local government system.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : we will introduce the system of justice.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : Youth , you will be leader.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : we will restore the respect of pakistan. Mullana and Mian Can't do it.
  • Chairman Imran Khan (official) addressing to the Jalsa. Live transission at from PTI Jalsa in Govt College Ground Abbottabad
  • Imran Khan Addressing : Its not a Jalsa , Its Tsunami - I pray for the soldier in Siachin.
  • Imran Khan Addressing : Largest well come in the history of Hazara.
  • National anthem Played. Every 1 stands up !!
Imran Khan speech at PTI Jalsa in Abbotabad

Javed Hashmi Baaghi Speech at PTI Jalsa

  • Javed Hashmi (Central President ) : Pakistan Ko Bachaana hy. Najawaan hammaray saat hy , pakistan bachaingay. choro ko nahe choriangay.
  • Javed Hashmi (Central President ) addressing.... Crowd Chanting "Baghi---Baghi"
Shah Mehmood Qureshi Speech at PTI Jalsa
  • S.M Qureshi (Vice Chairman) : Multan and Hazara have same demand.
  • S.M Qureshi (Vice Chairman)Addressing.... Great well come by crowd.
Abrar-ul-Haq Speech at PTI Jalsa
  • PTI Youth Wing President Abrar Ul Haq now addressing the Jalsa
  • Asad Qaiser (President KP) Addressing.... It is the government of "EasyLoad in Province"
  • Azam Khan Swati Addressing....
  • Sardar Zahoor Addressing....
  • Raja Amir Zaman Addressing....
  • Asif Zubair Shiekh Addressing....
  • Sardaar Sher Bahadur Addressing....
  • Media came back for coverage on request of chairman , Izhar ul Haq speaking to public.
  • Chairman Requested Media to come back for coverage.
  • Waleed Iqbal addressing the Jalsa.
  • Dr. Azhar Jadoon to speak now.
PTI Songs/Taranay and crowd at Abbottabad Jalsa (April 8, 2012)
  • Central President Javeed Hashmi reaches stage. Crowd Chanting "Baghi--Baghi "
  • One minute silence for people who lost their lives for Hazara movement.
  • Vice-Chairman S.M Qureshi Reaches stage.
  • Management & Security Team Clearing way to stage for chairman.
  • Chairman Reaches Government College Abbottabad. Crowd charged , chanting slogans of PTI.
  • Ground almost full. floors of nearing buildings full of crowd. people rushed in last 10 mins as arrival of chairman in 10 mins announced.
  • PTI-Women Wing KP President Begum Naseem Hayat on Stage.
  • Chairman on 10 Mins Distance from Jalsa Gah announced from Stage.
  • Crowd crossed 50,000.
  • Zahoor Tanoli (Leader Hazara Tehreek ) Addressing...
  • Bara Khan (Batagram president) Addressing...
  • Kashif Jadoon (President Youth wing Hazara) Addressing...
  • Ehsen Naveed (ISF) condemns killing of Naveed Khan Shaheed In Bannu.
  • Ali Asghar Khan On Stage...
  • Crowed Charged with National Songs....
  • Taimoor Khan (President ISF Hazara) Addressing...
  • Jalsa starts with holy Verses from Quran.
  • Crowed Crossed number of 20000.
  • Faisal Javeed Khan (Central Dy.Info Sect) and Stage Sect Reaches Stage.
  • Azam Swati , Abrar Ul Haq , Waleed Iqbal reaches Jalsa Gah.
  • Provincial Sect.Info Shah Farman has reached Jalsa Gah.
  • Provincial president PTI KPK Asad Qaisar has reached Jalsa Gah.
  • Huge rally of PTI/ISF Haripur heading towards Abbottabad
  • The massive Jalsa in Abbotabad to start soon, it will be a historical Tsumani of Change. Chairman Imran Khan (official) will address at 4:30 pm.
Views of people at the PTI Jalsa - Video Update (courtesy HCP)

Before arrival of Imran Khan - PTI Jalsa Video Update (courtesy HCP)

2:30 PM PTI Tsunami Jalsa video update from Abbotabad (courtesy HCP)

1:30 PM PTI Tsunami Jalsa in Abbotabad (courtesy HCP)

HCP (Hazara.COM) Report a day before Tsunami Jalsa in Abbotabad


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