Thursday, April 12, 2012

PTI Tsunami hits Bhakkar: Pics, Speeches, Live Updates of Jalsa - Imran Khan, SMQ, Javed Hashmi address

By PTI-FATA Social Media Team:
Pics Album:

Live Updates of Jalsa
  • CHAIRMAN IMRAN KHAN Speech started
  • Tweet by Imran Khan: "Great crowd so full of energy & commitment! Wave of change is unstoppable. Inshallah PTI with this support will be victorious! I have faith!"
  • Crowds started slogans on BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI !!!
  • Javed Hashmi (BAGHI) addressing the gathering
  • Najeeb Ullah Khan (ex MPA PMLN) announces his joining PTI
  • "I congratulate Imran Khan for his Tsunami reaching Bhakkar" ... Najeed Ullah Khan
  • Najeeb Ullah Khan is addressing the gathering
  • Pindal is packed with people
  • Chairman Imran Khan has reached the jalsa gah
  • Chairman Imran Khan is expected to reach jalsa gah by 4:30pm. More than 35000 people are expected to join jalsa make it biggest in bhakkar's history.
  • More then 700 motorbikes, 30 buses and 100 cars in Chairman's caravan headed for Bhakkar.
  • Thousands welcomed Chairman Imran Khan at D I Khan Airport.

Imran Khan Speech at Bhakkar Jalsa (12 April 2012)

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