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PTI Tsunami hits Quetta Balochistan: Pics, Speeches, Live Updates of Jalsa - Imran Khan, SMQ, Javed Hashmi, Azam Swati, Qasim Suri, Nazar Baloch address

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    Live Updates of Jalsa
    • Imran Khan Thanked the passionate public of Baluchistan. End of Jalsa
    • Thousands of flags are in the sky with IK
      He says, u get gather, we will sleeo
    • I thankyou all the Baluchistan Youth , Sisters
    • I challenge all political parties that Tsunami will clean sweep
    • Now Tsunami is comming to RawalPindi...
    Imran Khan Speech at Quetta Jalsa (courtesy DUNYA News)
    • I thank to the sister`s who came today to support us for a better Pakistan..and i remind you to do best in membership campaign, choose your leaders yourself
    • We will bring a best police force to bring peace to Baluchistan , also to control killings in Karachi
    • This govt did not prison the killers of Akbar Bugti even Benazir, inshaAllah pti will bring them to justice 
    • Just like east and west germany, we will make balochistan developed
    • InshaAllah PTI will give extra special funds and packages to balochistan than other provinces untill and unless balochistan cruises forward than other provinces
    • I say today, we will die but will not leave balochistan's bros and sis alone
    • save Pakistan
      Today I proclaim, we are with those affectees of missing persons.
    • I invite all Blouch leader to come and talk to me. I assue what ever i`ll promise, i`ll abide by.. we will die but won`t step back from our promise
    • Missing persons such acts increase hatred. And this is not the solution to save pak
    • How will those kids servive wose father is missing, whose brother is missing, whose husband and Son is missing. Such a brutal act
    • Today I am proclaiming, that missing persons is the biggest brutality on humans.
    • InshaAllah we will cover up these issues and will make balochistan once again the one so happy, peaceful and clean
    • But inshaAllah as PTI comes in power, we will break down all those big walls
    • Today Balochistan is such a bad condition that even its difficult to live easily. But inshaAllah PTI will make balochistan safe and happy and developed
      While to the jalsa venue, i saw governer house, chief minister house, the wall were higher which seem they are afraid of nation.
    • Today Balochistan is such a bad condition that even its difficult to live easily. But inshaAllah PTI will make balochistan safe and happy and developed
    • Main tu dykhoon ga... Tum be dykho gay.....
      Jb roti sasti hogi.. aur mehngi hogi jaan
    • Announced NFC Award money is even not given to Baluchistan..
    • 110 arab rupiya NFC award mai balochistan ko mila? Kidhar gya??????????
    • My youngsters, we came to conduct jalsa, tsunami also arrived. And i am very pleased that we have finished the terror in balochistan. See this ground full of people. No terror
    • Youth of Baluchistan, listen to me carefully..
      If all the resources of Baluchistan are invested on public of Baluchistan , not only in Pakistan, it would be progressive in whole region
    • Military operation can never solve problems. We will solve balochistan's issue by focusing and addressing the real issues
    • Iqbal ny khawab dekhaya tha... Quaid ny usy bnaya tha..
      Humay apna fazr nibhana hai...
      humay mil kr isy sajana hai....
      Hum Pakistan k betay hain aur koi apna naam nahi...
    • Has USA solved problems in Afghanistan, ....
      Military is only option when ruler and politicians are failed..
    • Agr qom parast jamatien kehti hn k kis se bat karen to wo theek kehte hn. Akhir kis se bat karen? Zardari ya nawaz? Jo awam ki bajaye sirf ek dosray se bat kar k muk muka kartey hn
    • How do people of Baluchistan talk to Zardari , or Nawaz Shareef... Military is also not an option
    • Present govt is not competent to solve balochistan issue.
      If Nawas had not taken part in election and boycotted in apdm, today balochistan would not be in this condition
    • Allah we worship u, we are thankful to u that it was raining. But u have cleand up the sky for our tsunami
    Pakistan's National Anthem at Quetta Jalsa
    • People are warmly welcoming IK with pakistan national anthem
    • IK to speak now
    Javed Hashmi Baaghi address at Quetta Jalsa
    • J.hashmi: are u ready to fight for balochistan's rights and pakistan. Crowed chanted we r with u baghi baghi baghi
    • Javed hashmi:
      says Akbar Bugti shaheed was my prison fellow. But these distators assassinated him.
    • Baghi baghi baghi baghi in the air.
      He pays special salam to those on trees to join jalsa
    • Javed Hashmi starts his speech.. Crowed chanting baghi baghi baghi
    • Javed Hashmi to address now
    Shah Mehmood Qureshi Address at Quetta Jalsa
    • Shah mehmood qureshi:
      missing persons is the biggest of balochistan.and its only pti to bring them back. Its only pti to give rights to balochis, pashtoons, hazaras and all other in balochistan
    • Shah mehmood qureshi: involvement of 3rd parties in balochistan will be vanished by pti govt
    • Shah mehmood qureshi:
      crowed chanting Go bamboo raisani go
    • 100,000 The official count. The perception that Baluch are Anti Pakistan lost its ground today . Today is a historic day in Baluchistan n Pakistan .
    Jalsa Update 5:00 PM (courtesy AAJ TV)
    • Qasim Suri: Balochistan has been brutally treated. But now pti will treat equally the whole pakistan including balochistan
    • Qasim Khan Suri: Balochistan k Huqooq ki jang Tehreek e insaf Imran Khan k sang laregi
    • Khurshid Qusori: We were told not to conduct Jalsa in Balochistan because we will not succeed. See the people on the trees, this is called Tsunami which gets success every where
    • Balochistan Jag utha hae...Jis jga Pakistan ka Jhanda aur Qoumi Trana nai chl rha tha aj Pakistan K Baeton Nae Haq Ada kr dia ha..
      Hr trf Parcham aur Pakistan Zindabad ke Sdaen Haen.....Aj IMRAN KHAN nae sabit kr dia hae k PTI e pakistan ko Mushkilat sae nikaly ge...
    • Abrar ul haq: Inqilab Inqilab Inqilab Inqilab
      slogan has chanted in the ground
    • More than a 100 thousand people in the ground and thousands of people out side the ground
    • All pakistan YouthWing President Abrar ul Haq on stage now
    • Dil Dil Pakistan Jaan Jaan Pakistan is rocking the flags by all insafians
    • J. Wajihuddin: Today I came to know that how passionate people of Quetta are
    • Dil Dil Pakistan song being played in Quetta Jalsa right now. The passion is on its peak
    • This is one of the biggest Jalsa in the history of Baluchistan despite continuous rain here in Quetta for the past two days.
    Fauzia Kasuri Speech at Quetta Jalsa
    • Fouzia Qusori: Balochistan Pakistan ki JAAN hy aur Imran Khan Pakistan ki Shaan hy
    • Jalsa Gah Fully packed, people are in thousands, out side roads to jalsa gah is completely blocked
    Jalsa Update 4:30 PM (courtesy CNBC)
    • Azam khan sawati says Punjab and Balochistan has equal rights to live happy life
    • Azam Sawati speech started
    Jalsa Update 4:11 PM (courtesy ARY News)
    • The energy in the JalsaGha is unbelievable PTI workers are not stopping for 1 minute the slogan at the moment in the crowd is !! Kon Bachiaygaa Pakistan ? Imran Khan Imran Khan !!
    • Admiral Javaid iqbal has started his speech
    • We have a very bad news about Live streaming the set up was ready to live stream but because of heavy rain the water is so high in the ground and the electric wires went dead that's why we are unable to live stream. But we are still trying our best to make a way
    • Imran Khan, Javed Hasmi , Azam Swati standing on stage and weaving hands to the public
    • Joint Secretary Nazar Baloch Speech
      PTI is the name of revolution. Name of justice peace and bright future
    • Javed Hashmi arrived ground and whole stadium echoing "Baghi Baghi.."
    • Chairman Imran Khan reached ground and on stage now..
      People are chanting. kon Bachaye ga Pakistan Imran Khan Imran Khan
    • Ground is fully loaded and thousands are still on way to stadium.
      Pakistan and PTI flags can be seen all around
    • Imran khan left for jalsa gah
    • Thousands of people already in the ground and are sitting on chair`s in water
    • Imran Khan has left Sareena hotel. now moving towards the Jalsa Gah
    Jalsa Update 3:15 PM (courtesy SAMAA TV)
    • Mahmood ur Rasheed on stage now, and addressing thousands of youngsters from all Baluchistan
    Jalsa Update 3:10 PM (courtesy DAWN News)
    • Heavy rain in Quetta continues but look at the love of people for Imran Khan and PTI Many Rallies are entering in JalsaGha . Phir na Kehna kay Balochistan walay kise se peechay reh gaiy
    ISF Balochistan Sharif Khan speech at Quetta Jalsa
    • On Media Demand the Media Stage has moved twice that's why we are unable to start live streaming so far we will be streaming live as soon as we get the media stage sorted
    • The energy in the JalsaGha is unbelievable PTI workers are not stopping for 1 minute the slogan at the moment in the crowd is
      !! Kon Bachiaygaa Pakistan ? Imran Khan Imran Khan !!
    Jalsa update 12:30 PM (courtesy SAMAA TV)
    • Imran Khan has announced that no matter how bad the weather is the Jalsa will go ahead. Thousands of buses full of PTI workers arriving in Quetta from different districts of Balochistan. And PTI workers are working with full enthusiasm and energy in JalsaGha to final the preparations for Jalsa. So if you are from Baluchistan don't be confused by any kind of news just reach to Ayub Stadium before 2.30PM
    • Chairman Imran Khan, Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi n other leaders have arrived Quetta
    • Yes it is raining in Quetta But no changes to plan Tsunami aab ruknay wali nahi hai. Inshallah
    • IK at Lahore Airport before leaving for Quetta
    Imran Khan interview about Quetta Jalsa with Mujahid Barelvi (courtesy CNBC)


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