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Quetta Jalsa: PTI & Pakistan passed their test but media failed its test

28 April 2012
For months the media told us:
Balochistan is a no-go area. The security situation is real bad. It is on fire. You can’t raise Pakistan’s flag. You can’t sing national anthem. 
For months our media trumpeted this line day and night.

And in the midst of all this media uproar, PTI took up the daring challenge of going to the people of Balochistan; to talk to them, to hear their grievances, to bring them back to Pakistan.
When the Jalsa was first announced by Imran Khan on 25th Dec 2011 (during Karachi Jasla), cynics started saying PTI won't be able to gather even hundreds of people in Quetta. When the Jalsa date was later re-scheduled from 23rd March to 20th April, the detractors started to predict that PTI will never be able to hold the Jalsa. It will keep changing the dates only.
When it rained heavily for 3 days at stretch leading to the 20th April D-Day, cynics started clapping & saying PTI's Tsunami has been washed away by rain. Some PTI-haters like @ShahidQazi1 even prayed for BLA to unleash a "Tsunami of rockets" on the Jalsa venue i.e. Ayub Stadium.

Anyhow, Quetta Jalsa was not PTI’s Jalsa; it was Pakistan’s Jalsa. 20th April was was a tough test for PTI as well as Pakistan, but in the end it was job well done.
That day, after a long time, Balochistan heard thousands cheering Pakistan Zindabad. It saw Pakistan flags waving proudly in the air. It heard National Anthem being sung by people – across ethnic lines; Baloch, Pashtun, Hazara, Punjabi (in short Pakistanis).

There were only a few unbiased people in the media who tried to reflect the message conveyed by the Quetta Jalsa. Examples are:

  • Junaid Saleem in Hasb-e-Haal (21st April 2012)
  • Talat Hussain Analysis of Quetta Jalsa (23 April 2012)
  • Hassan Nisar Analysis on Quetta Jalsa (22 April 2012)

However, this important and historic event was largely ignored by most of our mainstream “Breaking News” media; the same media that reported ALL THINGS NEGATIVE about Balochistan for months. 
The media failed to tell all Pakistanis
  • that the Quetta Jalsa was Pakistan’s moment in Balochistan
  • that Balochistan is not lost yet
  • that the hearts of the Baloch people still beat with their Pakistani brothers 
  • that Pakistan Zindabad thrills them as much as it thrills the Lahorites or the Karachiites. 
  • and that all they need is some consolation and proper acknowledgement of their due rights.
The mainstream media either ignored the Jalsa, for one reason or the other, or had only negative things to report about the event. For example,
  • One mainstream TV anchor and columnist, who has hosted countless shows depicting "Balochistan burning", couldn't do half a show (or a single column) depicting this historic moment binding Balochistan to Pakistan. (hint: The anchor is a favourite of Zardari, Nawaz and international terrorists for exclusive interviews).
  • Another female TV anchor had the guts of calling Shahid Qazi (yes the @ShahidQazi1 who prayed for BLA rockets attack on the Jalsa) to spit venom against PTI. She was, however, given a timely shut-up call by the PTI guest. (hint: The anchor is considered PML-N's family anchor in media)
  • Another anchor's Sparrow told him that Quetta Jalsa was only attended by Pashtuns and that Balochs didn't participate in the Jalsa. At the behest of his foreign and local masters, he tried to downplay the participation of the Baloch in the Jalsa and tried to give the message that Baloch don't want to remain part of Pakistan now. (hint: The anchor is allegedly on pay-roll of foreign agencies and involved in the conspiracy to separate Balochistan from Pakistan)
  • Many more examples can be given but these 3 are the most famous (read notorious)
This biased behaviour of media has given rise to respectable voicess from within the media asking questions about the credibility of media. Reknowned anchor Dr. Shahid Masood & journalist Ansar Abbasi have this to say about media campaign against PTI.

Seeing all the facts related to Quetta Jalsa, one can safely conclude that
PTI and Pakistan passed their test but media failed its test.

Disclaimer: This blog is NOT an Official PTI webpage and is being run by a group of volunteers having no official position in PTI. All posts are personal opinions of the bloggers and should, in no way, be taken as official PTI word.
With Regards,
"Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA Volunteers" Team.


  1. Very very very well written...

    Media must reassess their attitudes...

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