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21 journalists to tour UK with convicted PM Gilani on public expense and they lecture us on morality every evening. disgusting

Courtesy: "Saach.TV" (7 May 2012)

21 journalists going to UK with convicted PM

Islamabad: Almost two weeks after being convicted of contempt of court a defiant Prime Minister of Pakistan, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani is going on an official visit to United Kingdom tomorrow with 80 people including 21 journalists.
The journalists, some whom have been asking for his resignation in their talk shows and editorial comments, represent both electronic and print media. They are: Jabran Peshimam, Shakeel Anjum, Tanveer Qaiser Shahid, Saleh Zaafir, Jamshaid Rizwani, Khalique Kiyani, Arif Nizami, Rameeza Nizami, Umar Mujeeb Shami, PJ Mir, Khalid Qayyum, Imtinan Shahid, Farooq Faisal Khan, Salim Safi, Mujahid Bralvi, Khushnood Ali Khan, Jabbar Khattak, Rauf Klasra, Sardar Khan Niyazi, Fareeha Idrees & Asma Chaudhry.
Some of them are having second thoughts.
Shakeel Anjum, a journalist with the The News, when contacted by regarding his stance over inclusion of his name in the list, he said that when previously Prime Minister was going to United States, his name was also on the list but he didn’t go and this time around he is also not going with them.
He said, “If I did accompany Prime Minister on the trip, then I will be a criminal in front of the nation.” He categorically denied that he is going on the trip.
He termed the action of government to take journalists to United Kingdom as an act of bribery.
Talking to Saleem Safi renowned columnist and anchor of Geo News program Jirga, he said that there is no important agenda for which the delegation is going for; therefore he has refused to go.
He said technically there is no harm for journalists going on tour because it is the job of a journalist to report but for him morally it is in correct since the Prime Minister is convicted by the court.
He added that 80 people going for such a trip is an economic burden on the country and for him it is crime to spend public earned money in such a way.
PJ Mir, who anchors a show on Din news, is also on the list told that he is not going with Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani rather he is going with Prime Minister of Pakistan.
When asked about the conviction of Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani from Supreme Court and accompanying a convicted person, he said, “Prime Minister of Pakistan is not elected by the Supreme Court, he is elected by the people of Pakistan.”

“We are going to gauge the situation in United Kingdom and get first hand information of what people in United Kingdom think about Pakistan,” he said.
When questioned about going on taxpayers’ money,” he said, “Public money should be spent on good work. No poor person in Pakistan pays the tax, only 5% to 10% rich people pay the tax and I am not going on the money of poor people.”
Famous anchor person Fareeha Idrees said that she has not decided yet if she is going on the tour but the journalist who are going with the delegation are going officially.
Its the job of the journalist to report the event so the journalist who are going are just performing their public duty, she added.
Asma Chaudary commented that Prime Minister is still the head of government and going with his delegation is the part of her job. She also said that if the prime minister wants to spend royally on the members of his entourage, so be it, I am not going to stop him.”
Mujahid Bralevi said that he is professionally bound to go with Prime Minister’s delegation. He going with the delegation because his channel has asked him to go and he can’t go against the policies of this channel.
He further said that he could only give his thorough comment if Geo Network tells why they sacked 180 employees and why news channels like AAJ and ARY not giving pays to their employees for last several months. contacted Farooq Faisal Khan, President of National Press Club to take his view over his upcoming journey with a convicted PM was unable to give his comments because of unfamiliarity with the scribe, though the President of National Press Club has written for before.
Khaleeq Kiani, journalist of Dawn Newspaper, when contacted by the scribe, was unable to answer the questions as his phone reception was not adequate enough to comprehend the question.
Rauf Klasra of Dunya News, Saleh Zafir of The News & Rameeza Nizami of Waqt News were not available to comment over his inclusion in the list.

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