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Gilani interview with CNN's Becky Anderson - How disgustingly our leaders ridicule the Pakistani nation (analysis by Faisal Qureshi)

All Pakistanis. Watch this and decide yourself. Do the rulers consider us 18 million Humans? Can Gilani / Zardari rule HUMANS? Do we qualify as humans at all?
The interview given by convicted Gilani to CNN's Becky Anderson is a classic example of what the rulers really think about the 18 million fools called Pakistanis (sorry for the harsh words).
For a detailed analysis of the blunders made by Gilani in the CNN interview, please watch this video by journalist Faisal Qureshi (courtesy "24/7 Online")

Excerpts from a blog that appeared on Express Tribune website on the subject are as under.
Courtesy "Express Tribune" (12 May 2012)
By Faizan Kanji
A video showing the true colours of the Pakistani leadership is being passed around on the web. This time it’s our Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, who has shown the world why Pakistan is in such a sorry state.
For the initial five minutes of this video, our prime minister makes the usual excuses that have become the trademark of the Pakistan government. In the last 15 seconds, interviewer Becky Anderson tells Gilani about poll results that reveal that about a third of Pakistanis want to leave the country. This is when the video gets really interesting.
Following this remark come two statements that, to most Pakistanis, are perhaps the biggest indication of how the Pakistani leadership views us. Mr Gilani says casually and pointedly,
And why don’t they leave then?
When the camera shows Becky Anderson’s face after this statement, one can read volumes into the international community’s perception of Pakistan just by her stunned expression. Her face shows genuine worry tinged with disgust. Her eyes ask the question “Is this some kind of joke?”. The same Becky Anderson who, throughout the interview, was never short of responses and questions for the PM, even interrupting him at times, seems at an utter loss for words.
She too, like all Pakistanis watching the video for the first time, pauses in the desperate hope that the PM can recover and do some damage control; that he will say something intelligent and save the image of his country that he lost two seconds ago. Alas! Our PM, as if to add insult to injury, just smiles – yes, he actually smiles – and says,
Who is stopping them?
This renders Anderson speechless, yet again. The PM’s smile turns into an embarrassed grin, and Pakistanis world over watch in horror.
One doesn’t usually judge the state of an entire nation based on just 15 seconds, however, these 15 seconds aptly depict the state of Pakistan. These 15 seconds are a slap on the face of the entire nation; these 15 seconds leave no doubt that Pakistan is a nation in dire need of help. 15 seconds of a conversation that the majority of the Pakistani population is actually unaware of as they don’t understand English. The question is, will this clip change anything?
At this point, Pakistan is in shambles. Never has the country been in a worse position than it is in now. Poverty, loadshedding, corruption, pollution, food shortage, floods, violence, terrorism, street crime, extortion, gang wars, poor health care and education, inflation, extremism, discrimination and many more problems haunt the average Pakistani every single day.

Original Express Tribune Blog is here In our PM’s words: And why don’t they leave then?

Here is Gilani interview with CNN's Becky Anderson


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