Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PTI "Solidarity with Judiciary" March on 6th May 2012 at D Chowk Islamabad

Imran Khan Press Conference in Islamabad announcing Judiciary Solidarity March

Tweets by Chairman Imran Khan announcing Judiciary Solidarity March
Imran Khan ‏ @ImranKhanPTI
PTI has charted out its course for ridding the country of this corrupt govt & for fair & free elections. Tsunami march has begun!
Imran Khan ‏ @ImranKhanPTI
Step 1: Solidarity March to support SC for its historic decision of bringing powerful under the law! Sunday 6 May China Chowk to D Chowk 2pm 
Imran Khan ‏ @ImranKhanPTI
Step 2: Jalsa Liaqat Bagh Pindi 27 May precursor to Tsunami March. Join us to save the country and rid it of this corrupt govt!
Imran Khan ‏ @ImranKhanPTI
We ask youth, NGOs, civil society to join us on Sunday 6th May to show support to the Judiciary for bringing the pwerful under the law.
Imran Khan ‏ @ImranKhanPTI
PMLN has let nation down too many times before. If they are sincere let them resign from the assemblies first! Then we can talk protest coop

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