Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who is Owais Muzaffar Tappi, Zardari's frontman & the man responsible for Lyari Operation?

As siege of Lyari enters 5th day, the question persists that who is really responsible for Lyari Operation? Who sent the ill equipped Police force in, rather than ordering the resourceful Rangers to do the task?
Those who know the who’s who of Pakistan’s politics, are aware of the director of this show of brute force. The person, responsible for Lyari Operation, is known as Owais Tappi.
Owais Muzzaffar Tappi
Owais Muzzaffar Tappi (in black shalwar qameez)
Who is Owais Muzzaffar Tappi
Ansar Abbasi wrote on Dec 31, 2010, that Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has been virtually suspended by the de facto ruler of the province Mr Tappi, who just recently got his own man appointed as principal secretary of the CM, taking over even the little clout that was left with the aging PPP leader.
Mr Tappi, whose real name is Owais Muzzaffar, once a mid career civil servant long time confidante of President Asif Ali Zardari, who treats Tappi as his step-brother.
The report by Ansar Abbasi highlights how Sindh CM was over-ruled by the group of Zardari-ans, Faryal Talpur, Zulfiqar Mirza, Agha Siraj Durrani and Owais Tappi. Apparently Tappi got rid of Mirza and Durrani and his now only second to Adhi Faryal.
As per Abbasi (and that was in December 2010),
Tappi is not alone in running his fiefdom called the Sindh Province, these sources said and add that he is very ably assisted by a highly controversial aging bureaucrat of all seasons from Islamabad.Over 70 bureaucrat, the sources said, has been visiting Sindh and holding meetings with the chief secretary as well as ministers and secretaries taking briefings, issuing instructions and reinforcing the writ of the president’s adopted step-brother. The officials are very clearly told to get major decisions from Mr Tappi and not to take instructions from the chief minister.
So, Owais Muzzaffar Tappi is the de-facto Chief Minister of Sindh, running the affairs of state from Bilawal House.
Owais Muzzaffar, aka Tappi is the adpoted son of Hakim Ali Zardari and the step brother of Pakistan’s President Zardari. Tappi is the alleged land grabber and extortionist.
Tappi, the name that may sound strange to ordinary souls but not to those occupying key positions in the Sindh regime or are knowledgeable in the business circles in Karachi, Islamabad and Dubai, In the days when president’s father was running Bambino Cinema in Karachi and the family lived in the upper storey of the cinema building, one Muzaffar worked as manager of the cinema as well as the caretaker of the house, a source said, adding that one of his sons Owais frequented the house and was taken as a member of the family.
In 1995, he was appointed as an DDO (Revenue) in PCS by then chief minister without any exam by the Sindh Public Service Commission.
Tappi went into exile in Musharraf regime and stayed with Benazir in Dubai becoming a caretaker for the Bilawal House in Dubai.
Zafar Baloch PAC Lyari KarachiBut why he went against the Baloch of Aman Committee who were armed and raised against MQM by PPP itself?
The answer lies in a response by Zafar Baloch – that Tappi got irked when he was discourage to contest elections from Lyari.
Zafar Baloch, leader of PAC, says a lot in this video – including who gave weapons to the Balochs of Lyari and why – and what is the real reason of Lyari Operation.
This reveals another sorry page from our history – where people in power use the common men for their nefarious plans and then discard and disown them like trash.

This is what they did with Rehman Baloch. Now they are leading Uzair Baloch and his colleagues towards the same fate.
After PAC, PPP will form another armed militia head by Akram Baloch and it operate in direct supervision of Tappi. Thus another series of turf war to control Karachi will erupt between various political, ethnical parties and groups.
In this programme aired on CNBC TV on 30 April 2012, Uzair Jan Baloch (leader of PAC) tells the anchor about Owais Muzaffar alias Tappi. (see 30 minutes onwards)
A version of this article first appeared on http://www.chowrangi.com/ written by Kashif Aziz on 1st May 2012. We have added some new info to that article here.

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  1. must watch & read it............

  2. i know who is Owais Tapi and his brother Raheel Muzufar his father Muzufar i spend 5 years in Maymare garden Karachi he lives in very small ground floor flate in 1984 1989 when nobody knows him but when first PPP government comes in power everything change His brother use to live drive Suzuki fx was driving bigger cards i know many thing about him also as he use to come and meet me many time. I know much things but know as supreme court is taking over so it useless to write but one thing is clear how is been used for taking over Karachi land. Who is taking this all money on the name of owais Tapi this every body knows, know the time comes he have to pay his dues and will see the consequences and realized what he have done will be life time lesson for him.All people here say in favor of Owais Tapi are corrupt people get benefits from this so called system.

    1. You are the real faithful person, who speaks truth. Salute you brother.

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