Friday, July 20, 2012

PTI Grand Jalsa in Bajaur Agency with Inamullah Niazi; Tribesmen throng the venue

A grand Jalsa of PTI Bajaur Agency chapter was organized at the residence of Nawabzada Jalaluddin Khan in Jaar village of Tehsil Khar, Bajaur Agency. The Jalsa was attended by thousands of tribesmen and many central, provincial & local leaders of PTI. The chief guest was PTI central leader Inamullah Niazi. Other guests included Dr. G G Jamal Orakzai, Dr. Bashir (PTI-FATA Chief Organizer) and others.
PTI Bajaur's local leadership including Dr. Khalil, Jalaluddin Khan, Anwar Zeb Khan etc also spoke at the Jalsa & echoed the message of CHANGE.,


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