Monday, August 27, 2012

War On Terror: Mortar Shelling kills 9 innocent persons of same family in Khyber Agency; PTI protest against the merciless killings

ETHNIC CLEANSING of Pashtun Tribesmen in the name of WAR ON TERROR.
For how long will innocent tribesmen pay for AMERICAN "War of Terror"?
Is there NO END?

Military is killing Tribesmen. Drones are killing Tribesmen.
Militants are killing Tribesmen.
Are we not humans?

25th August will be remembered as another black day in the history of Khyber Agency. On this day, 9 persons of the same family were killed in Mortar shelling by security forces.
The same Pakistani media which makes hue and cry when Qadiyanis are harmed or when Shias are killed or when Christians or Hindus are harmed; remained shamelessly silent. Are we lesser humans than Shia/Ahmadi/Baloch/Hindu/Christians? Why no Asma Jehangir speaks up for us? Why no Rumi blogs for us?
No media dared tell the truth about these innocent victims of the "War On Terror". 
Only PTI felt the pain of the innocent tribesmen and offered their funerals and protested against the killings in Peshawar and Khyber Agency.



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