Thursday, September 13, 2012

"PTI: Electables vs Principles" - The real story behind departure of Mardan's Khwaja Hoti from PTI

Why are People Leaving PTI (Khwaja Hoti Case)?
By Saad Abdullah (PTI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
First of all Salam to all my Friends and co-members of PTI as I am writing this Blog after quite a long Time.As an Old member of PTI who has been groomed inside the party and has served on almost all the key posts in the province staring from grass root to the top ,its quite obvious that common people,friends and relatives do ask questions relating to the party and especially they put us in in difficult situation whenever they think that the party or chairman has not taken the right decisions.
Currently I face the same situation again .

Initially after 30 October jalsa when people thronged the party from all sides , Q leaguers and other political heavy weights jumped in the band wagon of PTI people and friends would ask "why is Imran khan accepting these people in PTI,"inn logon kai saath tabdeeli kaisey aaye gii".These were indeed testing times both for PTI and generally for its old and founding members.The logic we would put before people was that "aap log kahtey tey Imran khan akaila kuch nahi ker sakta ,ab jab log shamil ho rahey hien aap ko pir eb aitraz hai".But people generally would not agree with this statement.

Now again there has started another debate,first it was Akram bhinder who left PTI and joined N league then Khawaja Hoti jumped out of PTI and now trying to catch another political train."People have started leaving PTI " is the new buzz word and catch phrase in Media and street Gossip.In a lengthy meeting with Respectable journalist Ansar Abbasi two days ago,he also raised the same question .He was especially curious about Khwaja Hoti's exit.

As Khwaja hoti belong to KPK and from Mardan ,I am privy to almost all the matters pertaining to his inclusion in PTI up till his exclusion rather jumping out of the party.
First of all Khwaja hoti while leaving PTI alleged that Imran khan had made certain pledges to him on oath when he was joining [PTI and that Khan sb has not fulfilled his promises made to him and his son.

Well actually this is not true.When Khwaja hoti was joining it was actually Akbar sher babar (Ex central Secretary Information ,founding member and a friend) who negotiated with him.Khan sb was not in the picture until all was done.The pledges made to him was that Khwaja hoti would be made central Vice President and that if the environment is suitable his son may be nominated for Provincial GS post after 6 months of their joining.

It was the whole pact.Unfortunately Akbar Babar get sidelined due to intra-party misunderstandings.At that time Khwaja Hoti along with his son went to IK and asked about the promises.Imran khan ,as the man of his words that he is, made Khwaja hoti central vice president but about his Son he said that due to Intra party elections farooq hoti will have to contest for GS post if he really wants to be Provincial General secretary to which both father and son agreed

As few months passed Khwaja sb felt that there is not even a remote chance that he or his son could win intra party election .he started getting edgy and insecure.He again met IK and asked his to ensure the tickets of Khwaja hoti ,farooq hoti and Aurangzeb hoti.

Now many of you will not know about Aurangzeb Hoti.Aurangzeb hoti is the cuzin of Khwaja hoti and He remained imprisoned for 5 years in a US jail for allegedly smuggling heroin.
IK sternly refused and told Hoti that even if he and his Son were able to get party tickets there was no possibility of Mr Aurangzeb Hoti getting the ticket as he has too many skeletons in his cupboard.That was the point of break up from where it all all started and ended in the exit of Mr Hoti from PTI

This was the whole deal which Khwaja Hoti is trying to make a big deal off.Now its for you people to decide was Khwaja hoti demand fair??PTI has its own culture there is no place of feudal culture and some one has any misunderstanding he should throw it out from his/her mind.yesterday in my phone conversation with IK ,I asked him "or kon kon ja rah ahai party sai" he answered"we have given message to everyone "jiss nay jaana hay abhi chala jaaye ,ticket ki assurance intra-party election or parliamentary board bannay tak kisi ko nahi mil sakti".

I have credible reports that some other heavy weights and former Q leaguers are also thinking on the same lines.If this happens in my view this Will be a blessing in disguise for PTI.I think these so called heavy weights have slowed down the mercurial rise and progress of PTI and there timely exit will not only restore our reputation and image it will also vindicate chairman's stance that there will be no compromise on principals no matter how bigger price the party will have to pay for it.


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With Regards,
"Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA Volunteers" Team.

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