Friday, October 12, 2012

"PTI, Propaganda aur Siasat ka Karobar" - bitter analysis of bitter reality facing PTI

This is a guest post by @Lifaafa team. They are on facebook
Note on this initiative:
This article is part of our  "PTI Mobile Media Volunteers Scheme" to overcome the anti-PTI media propaganda on TV / Newspapers.

We laud this effort by @Lifaafa team and request other Insafians to come up with similar articles, short PTI videos and pics on the same subject. 
Our blog is OPEN for all Insafians. We will publish your material here. We should not wait for PTI officials to do everything. They may be busy with other party organizing activities so lets start this scheme ourselves.
Other published articles in this series are as under:
1) Jehad Bil-Qalam, Rakshash Imran Khan aur Gher SIyasi Bachay - by @Lifaafa team.
Request to Insafians: If you like this article, plz share it as much as possible. Prints of this article may be distributed among PTI supporters for easy reference.
This article can be downloaded in PDF format too: 
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Disclaimer: This blog is not an official PTI webpage and is run by a group of volunteers having no official position in PTI. All posts are personal opinions of the bloggers and should, in no way, be taken as official PTI word.
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