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Mehsud (محسود) tribe of South Waziristan Agency (FATA, Pakistan)

Mehsud (Mahsud or Maseed) is a big Pashtun tribe of FATA, Pakistan. Mehsud tribe is based in South Waziristan Agency alongside the Ahmadzai Wazir tribe. The center of Mehsud tribe's population is the Makeen-Laddah-Tiarza-Sarwakai belt in South Waziristan. However, Mehsuds also live in Dera Ismail Khan and Tank.
The Mehsuds are divided into three main clans (famously known as the "Dre-Maseed" meaning "Three Mehsuds) i.e.
1) Shaman Khel
2) Bahlolzai
3) Alizai
The genealogy of Mehsud tribe is as under:

Section / Sub-Section / Fraction
Shaman Khel
Badanzai or Badinzai
Qasim Khel
v   Abdul Khel
v   Darri Khel
Ghalib Khel
v   Jamal Khel
v   Pahar Khel
v   Shalil Khel
ü       Par Khel
ü       Rahimdad Khel
ü       Shadi Khel
v   Shodi Khel
v   Maryam Khel
Tappi Khel
v   Boyakai
v   Usman Khel
v   Yusuf Khel
v   Isab Khel

Chahar Khel
Barond Khel
v   Garri Khel
ü       Ali Khan Khel
ü       Shomai
v   Titar Khel
v   Shamai
Hairal Khel
v   Kaka Khel
v   Baba Khel
v   Taji Khel
v   Khoji Khel
v   Jamal Khel
v   Wuji Khel
ü       Numbri Khel
v   Mamal Khel
v   Tal Khan Khel
v   Pir Muhammad Khel
ü       Babri Khel
ü       Malli Khel
Qasim Khel
v   Bangal Khel
v   Sharri Khel
ü       Mauli Khel
ü       Yar Muhammad Khel
v   Nezam Khel
v   Nazim Khel
v   Tori Khel
v   Shah Alam Khel
ü       Ghozi Khel
Zarri Khel
v   Maddi Khel
v   Bijjal Khel
Malla Khel
v   Sher Khan Khel
v   Koi Khel
Datti Khel
v   Kikhai
v   Marki Khel
Kaka Khel
v   Mirwash Khel
Matti Khel
v   Tarki Khel
Baba Khel
v   Mangi Khel
v   Kakhai
v   Shoebai
v   Bakhti Khel
Birri Khel
v   Aidal Khel
v   Hassan Khel
v   Mira Khel
v   Sarie Khel
v   Isa Khel
Khalli Khel
Ali Khel
v   Kemal Khel
v   Landi Khel
v   Sikandar Khel
ü       Jafar Khel
ü       Mansari
ü       Mina Khel
ü       Mirgul Khel
ü       Mirwash Khel
ü       Osak Khel
ü       Shwawan
ü       Uzar Khel
v   Datorai
ü       Rahman Khel
v   Mitha Khel
ü       Manzari Khel
ü       Mirwaz Khel
ü       Wochek Khel
ü       Zakri Khel
Jandi Khel
v   Shaha Khel
v   Sarmashi
ü       Sur Sarmashi
ü       Tor Sarmashi
v   Aka Khel
Nana Khel
Haibat Khel
v   Sher Khel
ü       Gega Khel
Þ      Sarmast Khel
Þ      Sora Khel
ü       Jalal Khel
Þ      Shamsi Khel
Þ      Sher Dari Khel
ü       Momin Khel
ü       Abdul Rahman Khel
Þ      Pirdad Khel
Þ      Mirdad Khel
Þ      Sardari Khel
Þ      Rahimdad Khel
Þ      Karimdad Khel
ü       Talib Khel
ü       Toib Khel
ü       Nekzam Khel
Þ      Batak Khel
Þ      Andak Khel
Þ      Daur Khel
Þ      Hawaz Khel
Þ      Laddi Khel
Þ      Pash
Þ      Sher Ali Khel
v   Khawas Khel
v   Abas Khel
ü       Kadir Khel
ü       Rustam Khel
Urmar Khel
Umar Khel
v   Durmur Khel
v   Nasir hel
v   Bakhti Khel
v   Sherin Khel
ü       Kasim Khel
Abdur Rahman Khel
v   Rahimdad Khel
ü       Shahbeg Khel
ü       Shobak Khel
ü       Shomar Khel
ü       Raji Khel
Þ      Lali Khel
Þ      Shamir Khel
Þ      Tagul Khel
v   Mirdad Khel
ü       Soda Khel
ü       Wali Khel
v   Karimdad Khel
ü       Khoja Khel
v   Pirdad Khel
ü       Malikdad Khel
ü       Nazik Khel
ü       Sherbeg Khel
Jalal Khel
v   Shiraz Khel
ü       Baba Khel
ü       Kuli Khel
v   Shami Khel
ü       Mirab Khel (or Mirat Khel)
Þ      Zarmar Khel
ü       Mira Khel
Þ      Shaman Khel
ü       Sandra Khel
Þ      Khwazi Khel
Þ      Tara Khel
v   Chahar Khel
v   Mamaras Khel
v   Mir Khanai
v   Monda Khel
v   Kharri Khel
v   Ali Khanai
ü       Karach Khel
Aimal Khel
v   Pinza Plara
ü       Abas Khel
ü       Ghozikai
ü       Kemat Khel
ü       Nasri Khel
ü       Salimkai
v   Shamak Khel
ü       Azdi Khel
ü       Gunna Khel
ü       Zarif Khel
v   Lalli Khel
ü       Wali Dad Khel
Þ      Badar Khel
Þ      Gula Khel
Þ      Katal Khel
Þ      Mianir Khel
ü       Torang Khel
Þ      Torang Khel
Þ      Malang Khel
Nazar Khel
v   Aziz Khel
ü       Manzar Khel
Þ      Momin Khel
Þ      Shabi Khel
ü       Pat Khel
ü       Shahi Khel
Þ      Khal Khel
Þ      Mir Khan Khel
v   Kharmach Khel
ü       Banga Khel
ü       Hasan Khel
ü       Khan Khel
Þ      Tor Khel
ü       Khuni Khel
ü       Zargar Khel
ü       Mamia Khel
Þ      Taji Khel
Þ      Zarki Khel
v   Khoidadai
ü       Langar Khel
ü       Babar Khel
Þ      Payamir Khel
ü       Almar Khel
ü       Saddar Khel
Þ      Saddar Khel
Þ      Katti Khel
Þ      Landi Khel
Þ      Mir Khan Khel
v   Bizodai
ü       Bahlol Khel
ü       Mian Khel
ü       Panji Khel
ü       Shahbaz Khel
v   Bakshai
v   Ismail Khel
v   Kamal Khel
v   Laus or Lios Khel
v   Karon Khel
v   Karon
ü       Khanai Khel
ü       Shabia Khel
v   Boyi Khel
ü       Baba Khel
ü       Masti Khel
ü       Shakhal Khel
Bojia Khel
v   Shoi Khel
v   Sultan Khel
v   Jabar Khel
Kharmach Khel
v   Haibach Khel
v   Musa Khel
v   Sanzar Khel
v   Jalal Khel
Urmar Khel
Mami or Mamia Khel
v   Wali Khel
Waji Khel
v   Kharmach Khel
ü       Kamar Khel
ü       Shabak Khel
ü       Shabia Khel
v   Biblai
v   Wujji Khel
v   Bijji Khel
v   Urmar Khel
Band Khel
Hakim Khel
v   Naurang Khel
Nasri or Narsi Khel
Shakki Khel
Titi Khel
Usman Khel
Aikam Khel
Alizai  (also called Potia Khel)
Shabi Khel
v   Marobi (Mullah Pawindah belonged to this section)
v   Surat Khel
ü       Jangi Khel
v   Mirza Khel
v   Ahmad Khel
v   Moghalgai
v   Darya Khel
ü       Pais Khel
ü       Potia Khel
v   Tarki Khel
v   Usman Khan Khel
v   Kamal Khel
v   Bacha Khel
v   Baryam Khel
ü       Sher Khel
v   Moghal Khel
v   Makbal Khel
ü       Haidar Khel
ü       Khaus Khel
v   Baya Khel
v   Mirkha Khel
v   Khiddi Khel
v   Bangash Khel
v   Daudi Khel
v   Ibrahim Khel
ü       Sini Khel
ü       Tajal Khel
ü       Bangash Khel
Þ      Khali Khel
Þ      Zaria Khel
v   Khaiddar Khel
v   Umar Khel
ü       Lekhi Khel
Khan Khel
v   Khan Khel
v   Khojkai
Palli Khel
v   Shumi Khel
ü       Dhanni Khel
ü       Bahadur Khel
ü       Khun Khel
ü       Pari Khel
ü       Garerai
Þ      Khan Khel
Þ      Maresal
Þ      Marsai
Þ      Mogi Khel
Þ      Shahabudin Khel
Þ      Sheikhai
Þ      Shobakai
ü       Machi Khel
Þ      Alam Khan Khel
Þ      Mised Khel (A big section of Alizai Mehsud)
Þ      Mamit Khel
Þ      Muhammad Khel
v   Dachi Khel
ü       Kanjrai
ü       Dargai
ü       Gurri Khel
Þ      Biland Khel
Þ      Dhanni Khel
Þ      Karim Khel
Þ      Karmi Khel
Þ      Saba Khel
ü       Salimi Khel
Þ      Kissadin Khel
Þ      Gajji Khel
Þ      Madda Khel
Þ      Nawar Khel
ü       Mal Khel
Þ      Walid Khel
Þ      Rajji Khel
v   Shamerai
ü       Gurri Khel
ü       Hasan Khel
ü       Kharmach Khel
ü       Poi Khel
Þ      Kajrai
Gidi Khel
v   Khoedad Khel
ü       Barumi Khel
Þ      Daulat Khel
Þ      Sho Muhammad Khel
ü       Kahi Khel
ü       Chund Khel
ü       Nikarrab Khel
Þ      Ali Muhammad Khel
Þ      Shekh Barid Khel
Þ      Umar Khel
Þ      Zargar Khel
ü       Langar Khel
Þ      Abdul Khel (includes Kotar Khel etc)
Þ      Isagai Khel
v   Khamar Khel
ü       Faridai
Þ      Amzal Khel
Þ      Batti Khel
v   Wazirgai
ü       Makhi Khel
ü       Zamani Khel
v   Batkai
v   Targadai
v   Paridai
v   Kai Khel
v   Langar Khel
ü       Nikarab Khel
ü       Abdul Khel
Þ      Salimonai
v   Gurri Khel
v   Tarkai
v   Khojrai
Malik Dinai
v   Abdul Widanai
v   Monkhel
v   Aizekachkai
v   Shatkai
v   Taghikai
v   Kira Khel
Minor Tribes living with Mehsuds
o        Burki
o        Khekani
o        Khurm Chani
o        Mula Tanri
o        Bekasi
o       Jaranri
A tribe of Syeds living among the Mehsuds. They have a language and customs of their own, and are probably descendants of the original inhabitants of this area.
Source: FATA Awareness Initiative Blog


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