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Welcome to Politics - PMLN Style. Character Assassination, Harassment, Scandalizing

Welcome to Politics - PMLN Style
Character Assassination, Harassment, Scandalizing
By Shah Zalmay Khan (@PTI_FATA)
Politics - Pakistani politics at that - is a mud pit where you'd surely get dirt on your face, they say. And who are the masters of this character assassination politics? No competition on this one folks - its PMLN. 
Since their advent into politics, thanks to Generals Zia & Jeelani, the one weapon the Sharif brothers have used consistently - and effectively - is character assassination of opponents. They employ a catastrophic mix of effective media management & paid effort of yellow journalists, plus a vast propaganda machinery, paid of out of public funds.
In the 1990s, they perpetrated the shameful act of dropping extremely personal pics of Benazir & Nusrat Bhutto through airplanes in conservative areas, to prove them women of 'loose character' (disgusting). Then the foul language the Sharif's cronies used against the Bhutto women during election campaigns of 1990, 1993 (with Mian Saheb sitting on stage, & smiling).
Come 1997, the focus of character assassination shifted to Imran Khan. Million-dollar Cheques, supposedly from Jewish Lobby (for Imran Khan's election campaign), were published on Newspaper front-pages. Imran Khan was termed Zaani Khan and his personal life was made talk of the town through yellow journalists & paid propaganda. PMLN's dirty tricks shifted the focus of election campaign from policy debates or hardcore pressing issues like corruption, economy etc to personal life & character assassination. These dirty trick won it the elections and Imran Khan's party was bulldozed.
After being ousted by Musharraf and bound by a 10-year amnesty deal, Nawaz Sharif remained in KSA from 2000 to 2007.  Folks said that while in KSA, he would look back at his past & regret his mistakes. One would assume, and his paid journos would tell us, that he learnt from his mistakes.
That was not to be the case. 
Fast forward to 30 Oct 2011 - Lahore was rocked by Imran Khan's Tsunami. Hundreds of thousands thronged Minar-e-Pakistan to listen to Imran Khan. The Sharifs were shaken by the intensity of Insafians' passion - suddenly the Takht-e-Lahore was shaking. Mian Saheb decided to call the time tested spirits to his aid - propaganda, character assassination, personal attacks and harassment. Money - Public money - started flowing out from Punjab Govt's coffers into media, propaganda cells and pay-roll journos.
Sensing the importance of social media, full-time IT experts were employed to run the Sharifs' social media campaign - again with taxpayers' money. 

PMLN Social Media Team Exposed by dm_50d0aa1b7947d
These paid social media 'Patwaris' - as they are named by others - were given two tasks:
1) Further PMLN's agenda by acting as its social media spokespersons.
2) Discredit opponents - chiefly PTI & Imran Khan - through nasty propaganda and character assassination.
To aid in both these tasks and to lure the youth towards its side, more than 100,000 laptops were distributed among the youth - again from Taxpayers' money. PMLN folks say the distribution was strictly on merit but media reports & insider info suggest otherwise. Many of these laptops reportedly went to students who did not deserve them but were awarded only due to their association with PMLN student wing / youth wing.
A vicious propaganda campaign against Imran Khan was launched in the mainstream media and social media simultaneously. It started to seem as if Pakistan's 65-years old problem were caused by Imran Khan and that the only rescue was to banish him forever.
On the social media front, a full-time nasty propaganda page titled "Imran Khan - Master of Uturn" was created specifically for character assassination of Imran Khan.
After Imran Khan, these paid social media employees started character assassination of other PTI leaders. Finally they have started harassing PTI workers / online volunteers especially females by posting their personal pics or doing nasty propaganda against them.
Below are some samples of the nasty stuff being promoted by PMLN social media against PTI workers (under the direct instructions of Maryam Nawaz, Ahsan Iqbal, Anusha Rehman and Director Punjab IT Board).
Imran Khan declared rapist and killer of girls

Character assassination of PTI's female workers & IK

Dead father of PTI volunteer being abused (this old man is dead but they've not spared him)
We have removed the Pic from this blog on the request of the distressed son. (Shame on you PMLN)

Character assassination & harassment against PTI SMT member Anas Malick

In addition, a fake video, allegedly of Imran Khan was being circulated to media persons by 'certain quarters' (everyone knows PMLN). However, the bubble of that tap was busted when renowned journalist Dr. Shahid Masood busted the bubble of the tape by stating that he got it checked from an Arab Media House's experts and proved to be a FAKE.
Dr Shahid Masood's Tweet:
However, the roots of that TAPE can be traced to PMLN. This Frontier Post article hints at PMLN behind the tape.
These are just a few samples of the dirty character assassination tactics being used by PMLN's taxpayer-funded social media employees. Additionally, female volunteers of PTI are being harassed through Direct messages on Twitter and Facebook. One highly educated female supporter of PTI has been harassed so much (through use of filthy character assassination tactics) that she is under a lot of mental stress. 
All this only because the PTI supporters have a different political opinion than that of PMLN. Is this such a big crime to deserve such character assassination?
Mainstream media that grills Imran Khan almost everyday over behaviour of SM volunteers, should also put these questions to the Sharifs and PMLN as to why they are using taxpayers' money for character assassination and propaganda?
I rest my case.

Disclaimer: This blog is not an official PTI webpage and is run by a group of volunteers having no official position in PTI. All posts are personal opinions of the bloggers and should, in no way, be taken as official PTI word.
With Regards,
"Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA Volunteers" Team.


  1. Every one knows and even Suhail Warraich said in a tv program that PMLN social media team is headed by Maryam Nawaz. These dirty and filthy pages have PMLN social media and Punjab government support.

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