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Who killed Kamran Faisal (NAB investigator in Rental Power case)? - Connecting the dots

By Shah Zalmay Khan (@PTI_FATA)
Kamran Faisal, the NAB investigator probing RPPs (Rental Power Plants) case was found dead, hanging from a fan, in his room on 18 Jan, in the Federal Lodges, Islamabad. 
The news of his death made rounds across the mainstream media and social media scenes in Pakistan. Though the govt-appointed medical board, in its preliminary report termed his death 'an act of suicide', the public & media alike see something more sinister to the whole episode. Now three days after the sad death, everybody wants to know how Kamran Faisal met the terrible fate.
Kamran Faisal who?
Kamran Faisal was Assistant Director serving at NAB Rawalpindi. He belonged to Mian Channu and was a father of three. He was part of the team investigating the notorious RPPs case that cost the poor Pakistani nation billions of rupees and in the words of the Express Tribune, "they came, they idled, they produced little (or no) electricity".
Let us now connect the dots step by step.
Rental Power Plants

In 2008-09, the PPP Govt decided to hire Rental Power Plants (RPPs) as a quick-fix solution for the country's energy problem. Raja Pervez Ashraf was the Minister of Water & Power back then and it was him who oversaw the whole process. 
Soon transparency questions were raised on the process. Due to severe media & public outcry, the govt referred the matter to Asian Development Bank for a 3rd party analysis of RPPs scheme.
Asian Development Bank report
The ADB report released in January 2010 pointed to major inconsistencies and weaknesses in the contracts, violation of procurement and regulatory procedures. It also termed most RPP projects non-feasible and said the deals were not in favour of the buyer (Pakistan).
Download ADB Report (in PDF)
Shaukat Tarin, the then Finance minister, who had opposed the RPP deals from the onset, resigned over the issue (though he stated other reasons on record).
Auditor General of Pakistan report
The govt credibility (and especially that of Raja Pervez Ashraf) was further tarnished by the Auditor General of Pakistan's revelations of serious irregularities in the whole process.
AGP smells rat in RPP deal (May 18, 2010)
The AGP's audit report of RPPs revealed that only 1 out of 19 planned plants was online by June 2011. The equipment installed was old vintage and highly inefficient. The report noted that the govt had paid billions to RPP owners as advance payments and liabilities worth $ 1.7 billion were created for the national exchequer.
RPPs: Audit report reveals massive discrepancies (June 6, 2011)
Supreme Court of Pakistan verdict
Upon recieving complaints, the SC Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took Suo moto notice of alleged corruption in the RPPs deals. SC heard the case in detail and finally concluded in March 2012 that the RPPs deal was ‘non-transparent, illegal and void ab initio’.
Summary of SC Judgement in RPP case

SC orders to NAB
In its 30 Mar 2012 verdict, the SC ordered NAB to proceed against all the accused including Raja Pervez Ashraf (who was not PM at that time). NAB initially moved against the accused including Pervez Ashraf.
NAB asks SBP to freeze accounts of Raja Pervez Ashraf, other RPP accused
Shady rental power deals: NAB moves against 19 top former officials
NAB freezes assets, puts on ECL 3 former federal Ministers, 6 PEPCO heads
Raja Pervez Ashraf becomes PM
After Raja Pervez Ashraf became the PM in June 2012, NAB high-ups started dilly-dallying the issue and his bank accounts were discreetly reactivated.
In September 2012, SC issued show cause notices to NAB officials, asking them why they had not taken action against Raja Pervaiz Ashraf despite clear directions from the apex court.
Kamran Faisal's team presents investigation report indicting Pervez Ashraf
In Nov 2012, the SC was told that the NAB investigating officers (Kamran Faisal's team lead by Asghgar Khan) had completed five inquires and referred the matter to prosecutor general for approval. These investigation reports held Raja Pervez Ashraf and 15 other influential accused guilty for the RPP-fiasco.
Kamran Faisal removed from investigation team by NAB high-ups
As the report indicted Raja Pervez Ashraf, NAB high-ups removed Asghar Khan and Kamran Faisal from the investigation of the case. When Chief Justice expressed his resentment at this act, NAB informed the SC on 12 Jan 2013 that Asghar Khan & Kamran Faisal had been reinstated to the investigation team.
Final moments
On 15 January 2013, SC ordered NAB to arrest all accused including PM Ashraf.
NAB Chairman Admiral Fasih Bokhari met President Zardari the same day. It is believed that it was due to this meeting that on 17 January 2013, NAB refused to arrest the PM and termed its own investigation report 'inaccurate'.
Kamran Faisal found dead
The next day i.e. on 18 Jan 2013, Kamran Faisal was found dead in his room.
The govt-appointed medical board conducted autopsy on Kamran Faisal and ruled his death as suicide. However, his family refuted the board's claim saying Kamran's body bore torture marks and that he was killed. Kamran Faisal was buried in his hometown the next day.
NAB colleagues of Kamran Faisal call it a 'murder'
Several NAB officials alleged that it was murder which was being framed as suicide. More than 30 NAB officers, ranging from the rank of assistant director (AD) to director general (DG) announced a pen-down strike against Kamran Faisal's alleged 'murder'.
The protesting NAB officials presented five demands to the authorities asking for a judicial probe of Kamran Faisal's mysterious death by a serving SC judge instead of the commission constituted by PPP govt. 
Who killed Kamran Faisal?
Extreme coercive measures were said to have been used during the last days on Kamran Faisal that led to his sudden death, either by suicide or murder. 
NAB high-ups (Chairman Fasih Bukhari and DG Financial Crime Wing Kausar Malik) allegedly had held an insulting meeting with Kamran Faisal on the night of Jan 16/17. Police have said that Kamran Faisal's laptop is missing (this is a very important clue). These facts have been corraborated by Dr Shahid Masood, Ahmad Noorani, Asad Kharra and Hamid Mir (tweets below).
Below are some tweets from the TLs of some respected mediapersons and journalists on the subject. Anybody can guess the 'who' behind Kamran Faisal's mysterious death.
  1.  Yes. The NAB officers are convinced that their boss..Fasih Bukhari sb is involved in Kamran Faisal's Death. REVOLT in NAB.

  1. Mr Fasih Bukhari(Chairman NAB)should consult a good legal team for bail before arrest, as NAB staff will be in SC with evidences against him

  1. Afraid of SC's intervention in Kamran Faisal's Death Investigations,Govt has Pre-empted with an Inquiry commission. WHY IF IT WAS A SUICIDE?

  1.  Late night,when the whole world was focused on DARNA,few kilometers away,an honest officer was going through worst torture!

  1. Islamabad: Kamran Faisal's Death.All Investigations.. leads to someone very "Powerful".

  1.  yes. and now His medical file from Polyclinic is missing.

  1.  Justice Rtd Javed Iqbal does not enjoy good reputation he hushed up Abbottabad inquiry he cannot probe the death of Kamran Faisal

  1.  Judicial Commission on KF is headed by Justice Javed Iqbal who failed to complete Abbottabad operation inquiry in 20 months
  2.  media is not silent but media is not police public should also play a role by raising voice NAB is trying to twist the facts
  3.  Kamran Faisal was pressurized by NAB officials to change the report on RPP corruption but he refused he was a brave man
  4.  next 24 hours very impt the death of Kamran Faisal may cause the political death of someone very powerful

  1. . Fasih Bokhari was appointed Chairman NAB by Malik Riaz. Fasih is like personal servant of MR-He do everything on MR orders
  2. The "Lost Laptop" will not be retrieved from the home of Adm Fasih Bokhari. One will have to search all hideouts of Malik Riaz and thats it.

  1. . In fact,I m disturbed because of SC role. An officer has been killed for honouring SC orders& CJ hasnt took suo moto so far
  2. . Participants of meeting include top man of NAB, 2nd in command in NAB & PG NAB with Kamran ... & later ...

  1. . A honest investigator, if any, wil hav to investigate participants of a meeting took place in night b/w Wed&Thu with Kamran
  2. . Dr Sb, According to my info the top man in NAB & the one who got this top man appointed, hav roles in this terrible episode

  1. Refer to previous Tweet: 2nd in command in NAB, KAUSER IQBAL MALIK is going to b in big trouble.Role of Fasih Bokhari & Kauser wil b exposed

  1. Evidence is coming up indicating that the NAB official was killed under mysterious circumstances and did not commit suicide...

  1.  Fasih Bukhari is an example of how system corrupts indivisuals - obviously he (Fasih) represents MR interests not Pak's!

  1. RPPs Investigator’s Kamran Faisal's death- I have ample (Based on documents,oral, phone calls,SMS record,NAB official’s statements)evidences

  1. Revealed: Chairman NAB, his top aides pressured  to pull out name of PM from RPP scam accused a day b4

  • Mysterious, moving text messages of Kamran Faisal surface: My report today 

  • .
    Mere coincidence?
    How about a small conspiracy theory in the end. Just 3 days after the mysterious death of Kamran Faisal, PM Pervez Ashraf withdraws his review plea against the SC decision in RPP case. No need for it now? matter solved outside the court? Who knows. In the 'Land of the pure' nothing is impossible.
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    1. Well done. So are we to conclude from the above that justice will not be applied to the Kamran Faisal murder. Is it that we have a puppet Chief Justice acting in accordance with official government views? Somehow, I'm still loathe to adopt this conclusion. So let's wait and see. One thing is clear, though. Justice Javed Iqbal is not going to investigate the matter with even a fair degree of impartiality, so that is just a waste of time and an excuse for a cover up.

    2. Before the Rented murderers are themselves killed, they should be arrested and protected and put on the media by the ISI, and other intelligence agencies. Otherwise, there would be no witnesses to the Masterminds and this case will be unsolved case like that of Murtaza Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto etc. It is true that the operation was planned in haste, but they have people on standby all the time. They also have now advice thru the ex "American Ambassador in Washington" and characters like Boucher, with handbooks from the CIA on how to do it and cover it up. In addition, the masterminds have help from India to harass the army whenever needed. The criminals have taken over the country and is the reason why Fasih Bokhari, despite being an admiral is not the upright man that he should have been.

    3. PPP is trying to carry out elections in INDECENT HASTE, and also BULLDOZE with CORRUPT practices, IRREGULARITIES and definitely CRIMINAL practices.