Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dictionary of a PPP Apologist

Planning on writing something which is pro (PPP) government or trying to interpret a piece written by a PPP apologist? If you are then the following dictionary is recommended as reference material.
Deomcracy is the best Revenge - Benazir Bhutto

Z.A. Bhutto: The Greatest Leader
Benazir Bhutto: The Great Leader
Zardari: The Great Politician
Maulna Maududi: Dark Vader
General Zia: Dark Vader 2
Corruption: An essential ingredient of democracy
Anti Corruption: Anti democracy
Tax Return: Some non essential paper work
Tax Evasion: Something which has nothing to do with your Tax Return.
Urban Pakistani: Extremists who support Maududi & Taliban Khan and suffer from Salahuddin Neurosis
Rural Pakistani: Liberal minded democracy enthusiasts (I know this is close to hallucination)
Urban Voter: Does not exist.
Rural Voter: Nothing to worry about. Forever in our pocket.
PTI Trolls: Bad Zombie
Jiyala: Good Zombie
Law & Order: Establishment
Terrorism: Establishment
Establishment: Mysterious Dark Force
CNG: Jeay Bhutto
Electricity: Jeay Bhutto
Economy: Jeay Bhutto
Governance: Jeay Bhutto
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