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PTI Lahore Jalsa 23rd March 2013 - Videos, Speeches, Pics Albums

Pics Albums:
Album 3: Jalsa Start pics (before arrival of Imran Khan & senior leadership)

Album 2: Jalsa day (before start of Jalsa)

Album 1: Till the night before before Jalsa

Live Updates:
  • Imran Khan completes his speech after a break and takes oath from 80,000 elected party officials
  • Imran Khan speech interrupted by severe rain
  • Imran Khan speech
  • Javed Hashmi Speech
  • SMQ Speech
  • Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has arrived on the stage! Crowd roaring slogans, spirits reach extreme level. Naya Pakistan Insha'Allah
  • Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi have also arrived on the stage.
  • Farrukh Habib, Central President Insaf Students Federation Pakistan, addressing the crowd.
  • Silence prevails, as break taken for Azaan.
  • Minar e Pakistan jalsa gah is completely full now, people lining up on the adjacent roads outside the ground. Spirits are high, Naya Pakistan Insha'Allah.
  • Recently elected President PTI Minorities Wing Sajid Ishaq addressing the crowd.
  • The sun has come out once again, Minar e Pakistan jalsa gah is echoing with slogans of Pakistan.
  • Recently elected President PTI Women Wing, Munazza Hasan addressing the crowd.
  • Recently elected President PTI Youth Wing Pakistan Ali Abbas Bukhari addressing the crowd.
  • Chairman PTI Imran Khan is on his way to jalsa gah.
  • Soch the band performing Uth Jawana live for the crowd.
  • Mufti Abdul Qavi officially begins jalsa ceremonies with the recitation of Holy Quran.
  • Minar e Pakistan ground is completly full now, jam packed with public. Thousands are still on their way to jalsa gah.
  • Renowned journalist Talat Hussain is also present here on the stage, for Naya Pakistan. Many other renowned people from media fraternity are coming.
  • Minar e Pakistan ground has almost been filled with thousands of enthusiastic people, don't miss the chance to be a part of history. Reach the jalsa gah to become a part of this historic Naya Pakistan Jalsa. Come soon.
  • Faisal Javed Khan inviting all the recently elected representatives of PTI and Youth on the stage.
  • Two valuable assets of PTI, Asad Umar and Shireen Mazari on the stage.
  • Fauzia Kasuri, an inspiration for all the women, has arrived on the stage.
  • نجاب حکومت کی طرف سے ملتان روڈ ، رنگ روڈ اور جیل روڈ کو بلاک کر دیا گیا ہے .
    اگر آپ آنا چاہ رہے ہیں تو احتیاط کریں اور پہلے سے تیار ہو کر آئیں
    اگر آپ ملتان روڈ کی طرف سے آ رہے ہیں تو سندر سے لیک سٹی ، ویلنشیا اور ٹاؤن شپ ہوتے ہوئے آئیں .
    اگر آپ جیل روڈ پر ہیں تو ریس کورس سے پٹیالہ ہاؤس والے روڈ سے ہوتے ہوئے لارنس روڈ ، اور چڑیا گھر سے پیچھے کی طرف سے کوئنز روڈ پر نکلیں اور میو ہسپتال والی سائیڈ سے آ جائیں
    رنگ روڈ سے آنے والے چھوٹی گلیوں میں سے ہوتے ہوئے قصور پورہ یا قلعہ لچھمن سنگھ والی روڈ پر آ جائیں ، وہاں سے کلیر ہے۔
Imran Khan Speech Part 2

Imran Khan Speech Part 1

Shah Mehmood Qureshi Speech

Express News Upate 2:00 PM

Dunya News detailed report 12:00 PM

Geo News Update on Jalsa 12:00 PM

Imran Khan visits Minar-e-Pakistan on night before Jalsa - 22nd March 2013. Its already a Jalsa :)

Geo News report on electric atmosphere at Minar-e-Pakistan (night before Jalsa)

Tabdeeli ka Tsunami - Mujahid Barelvi says it will destroys the Sharifs in Punjab

Final Preparations for Jalsa (22-23 March Night) - Electric atmosphere

Cricket Icon Abdul Qadir reached Jalsagah to express support for PTI

Promo Videos:
Chalo Chalo Imran Ke Saath - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Bolo Kon Bachayega Pakistan - By Nasser Salman

Josh-e-Jawa'n - a historical narrative of 23rd March

23rd March 1940 to 23rd March 2013



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  1. My question for Imran, why could you not appoint Dr. Shoaib suddle for NWFP Accountability Commission? Is it not true that Tareen and Khattak forced you to include an article in the law which said that only people who are resident of NWFP may be eligible for this position! This was a clear case of conspiracy and influence of these 2 on PTI. Why
    cant we hire eligible and competent candidates from all over the world!

    Oh great, no political interference in Police, does it mean NWFP police transformed into a pakistani version of "Scotland yard" without training, education and equipment! Come on PTI Imran, you can do better than this! NWFP accountability commission has not performed yet, moulana diesel is still on the loose! Wished you could have hired Shoaib Suddle for this job, but i know tareen and khattak conspired against him!

    Imran needs to answer if courts in NWFP are passing judgments in not more than 3-6 months span! I guess not, but Nitesh Kumar in India got it done. Khattak and Tareen conspiring against PTI.

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