Sunday, March 10, 2013

PTI Tsunami hits Peshawar - Live updates, Videos, Speeches, Pics Album

Pics Album

Imran Khan Speech:

Khyber Zalmi - Promo by PTI-FATA team
Live Updates
Geo News Update 4;00 PM

Samaa News Update 15:30 (listen to youth views)

Aaj TV Update 2:15 PM

Dunya News Update 12:23 PM

  1. SM team tigers incl young man having left an MNC and a boy who resigned his job in chicago to be part of campaign in action at jalsa gah

  1. Bright sunny warm day in peshawar....jalsa gah looking good. Poliice walas on duty wishing us the best and saying please bring change...

  •  speaking to the social media crew, he expects a huge turnout 

    1. InshaAllah r Tsunami from Peshawar will continue 2 build up, with r intra party elections almost over. Naya Pakistan will become a reality!
    2. InshaAllah will be leaving shortly for PTI's Tsunami jalsa in Peshawar.R ppl worked hard through the night prep.May Allah keep everyone safe
    3. My sisters and nephews along with other family members already in Peshawar. Change begins from home!
    4. PTI is ready 4 the Peshawar jalsa 2morrow;Our youth is energised with enthusiasm & commitment rearing 2 start our campaign 4 change!
    5. SKMT in Peshawar will be a state of the art facility equally & equitably accesible to all.
    6. Arrived at SKMT ceremony in Peshawar.By the grace of God & generosity of ppl SKMT will be able to help more patients!
    7. Condemn blast in mosque near Peshawar's Meena Bazaar in which innocent worshippers killed while praying.My prayers 4 victims & families.
    8. Going 2 Peshawar in afternoon 2 lay foundation stone of SKMT. 2nd SKMT is a very imp milestone as outreach to even more cancer patients.


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    1. My question for Imran, why could you not appoint Dr. Shoaib suddle for NWFP Accountability Commission? Is it not true that Tareen and Khattak forced you to include an article in the law which said that only people who are resident of NWFP may be eligible for this position! This was a clear case of conspiracy and influence of these 2 on PTI. Why
      cant we hire eligible and competent candidates from all over the world!

      Oh great, no political interference in Police, does it mean NWFP police transformed into a pakistani version of "Scotland yard" without training, education and equipment! Come on PTI Imran, you can do better than this! NWFP accountability commission has not performed yet, moulana diesel is still on the loose! Wished you could have hired Shoaib Suddle for this job, but i know tareen and khattak conspired against him!

      Imran needs to answer if courts in NWFP are passing judgments in not more than 3-6 months span! I guess not, but Nitesh Kumar in India got it done. Khattak and Tareen conspiring against PTI.

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