Sunday, March 31, 2013

PTI Tsunami hits Swat at Mingora - Pics albums, Updates, Videos, Live updates

Live Stream:
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Live Updates:
  • Imran Khan sharing his dreams of playing cricket, becoming world's best all-rounder, building free cancer hospital, building Namal University and now his dream is to make NAYA PAKISTAN...!
  • Imran asks Swat people to get ready to fight status quo. Six weeks left....
  • Imran Khan repeats his Lahore Tsunami promises:

    1. Will always speak truth. Will only commit what is possible.
    2. Will use your money on the people. No extravagant spending on PM and governor houses.
    3. Will not misuse resources and not let PTI officials do it.
    4. Will not bow down in front of anyone and not let Pakistan bow down. Will not ask for aid...Pakistani's respect will be safe-guarded.......
  • Imran promises a specific local justice system for Swat which is accessible at village level. No MPA, MNA will be given development funds. Only local govt to be given funds.
  • Swat jalsa on its peak. Youth and children chanting Imran Khan Imran Khan
  • PTI to bring education emergency by dedicating 5% of GDP and focusing on technical education: Imran Khan in MingoraImran Khan reaffirms 25% tickets for youth and the distribution on merit and merit only.
  • Imran Khan promises to bring peace in Swat and KP.Imran Khan being interviewed by CNN on the stage
  • Imran Khan reached Jalsa Gah
  • Imran Khan, Asad Umar have landed in Saidu Sharif. Will be reaching Jalsa gaah shortly

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  1. I live in switzerland and i support to imran please vote for imran khan sahib he is the great leader of pakistan...long live PTI long live pashtuns