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Rest In Peace PPP - A Brief History of PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party

By: Ahmed Naeem (@AhNaeem)
“Death isn’t the biggest loss; the biggest loss is when life dies inside of us and we pretend to keep on living”.

What, if not the above quote, explains the state of PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) today, nearly 46 years after its creation?
Pity the nation, and the party, that lost its first elected prime minister to a 'Judicial Murder' and its first elected women PM to a (somehow state-patronized) terrorist act. But the question is:
Was the hanging of Z.A Bhutto or assassination of Benazir Bhutto the greatest losses the PPP suffered?
Answer is a big NO. Both ZAB's and BB's were deaths that meant new life for the PPP.
The actual loss is somewhere else; a much bigger loss... The extinction of the 'Jiyala'.
What was the biggest strength of PPP in 70’s?
It was the slogan of Roti, Kapra, Makaan based on the ZAB doctrine of Islamic Socialism. It was the act of giving voice to the poor to stand up against the exploiters. Add to that the oratory skills of ZAB & the charisma of his personality. He had 'something'; a gift, the ability to gather the landless peasants, the labourers, the poor, the 90% of this country. His policies & performance can be debated but what no one can deny is his 'leadership'.
What was his biggest asset?
A team? His children? His electables? His money?
No... It was his 'Jiyala'; the young, the energetic, the poor & oppressed; ZAB became their voice & they buried the status-quo in its own backyard, ‘The Punjab’.
He was smart enough to translate his fame into votes in elections. Keeping the controversies aside, ZAB's was the biggest people-propelled revolution in the history of Pakistan.
Jiyalas witnessed a revolution (similar to the one being experienced by Insafians of Imran Khan these days); the hard work, the cause, the hope, the passion to eat grass if required; can you Imagine?
To see their leader hanged wasn’t easy for the Jiyalas, neither were the following ten years of oppression by a dictator gathering all the right-wingers around him. The result of that revolution was that vote bank of PPP become unbreakable. Unlike PML(A-Z) nobody could make a successful break-away faction of PPP.
The most punishing 11 years of Mard-e-Haq couldn’t break PPP; ever thought why? Because the Jiyala was alive. The hope of having a country of their own didn’t fade with the jail sentences, exiles or the beatings received in the Takht-e-Lahore.
History brought us to 1988; Bhutto name was too strong and Jiyalas were charged; the daughter of their deceased leader had come back to Pakistan after many years in exile. BB became the 2nd face of PPP, but there was a difference, she was here to harvest what her legendary father sowed.
Matters were worsened by BB's husband - Asif Ali Zardari. Corruption, mismanagement & violence prevailed. The Jiyala got sick. 
1988 to 2008; the Jiyala still fought the battle between heart & mind; still voted for his heart. 1994-96 era broke their hearts. The evident result was 1997 election; no one came out to vote. PMLN gained 2/3 majority with less than 20% population of Pakistan voting for them.
Come October 1999, the cycle was repeated; corruption & Amir-ul-Momineen misrule instigated friction between institutions resulting into military rule. Luckily for the Sharifs, exile replaced judicial murder.
But the Jiyala, whose base was the original ‘Roti, Kapra, Makaan’ slogan lost his hope. The result was again evident, even the assassination of BB couldn’t propel PPP to a clear majority in parliament. NRO achieved more in damaging PPP than the 10+ year of Musharaf ‘Grass Root Democracy’ could. The untimely death of BB further damaged the resolve of Jiyala as there was no replacement available.
Asif Ali Zardari? No way man.
Zardari's (and BB's) son? Are you kidding me? BB wasn’t even half the leader ZAB was & whatever she was, it was because of what she learnt in the company of her dynamic father. Leadership is not something you get in the DNA. And to expect the son of Zardari to be a leader is too much. He may never become even 10% of his mother; the Zardari factor in his upbringing & grooming will never allow him to excel (except in cunning & corruption).
But inspite of all this, the Jiyalas did give the PPP leadership a chance at government; a chance at serving the poor nation; a chance to actually effect the 'Roti Kapra Makaan' slogan. What happened afterwards is not history but a saga of savage corrupt rule.
2008-2013 promises to be the last nail in the coffin though 1994-96 was no less in corruption.

However, this time there was a bigger problem; competence. AAZ wanted obedient servants but ZAB / BB had left semi-leaders. AAZ's dilemma was that he couldn’t take anyone taller than him & so the cream was sidelined. The response came either in the form of inactivity or submission to the Godfather of corruption. Naheed Khan, Khalid Kharral, Sardar Asif, Aitizaz Ahsan (initially), Iftikhar Gilani, Dr Israr Shah slowly faded away from the scene due to compounded reasons, mostly of AAZ's initiative.

Whats left in the PPP today?

Sycophants & personal cronies like Rahman Malik or Dr Asim Hussain or Tappi or Haqqani or Ispahani who are anything but Jiyalas.
The other leaders have also been corrupted by the loot-sale of AAZ's revenge of democracy.

The Jiyala has slowly died down - the PPP is on its way to death too. Because PPP was Peoples Party and now that People are out of the equation; the only thing left is a party of sycophants and exploiters - the very people that ZAB originally stood up against.
RIP Pakistan Peoples Party.
The writer is a PTI supporter and tweets at @AhNaeem .

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  1. Excellent Brother. Beautifully explains the downfall of once 'larger than life' party. Welcome to the club :D