Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tabdeeli Razakar - Good initiative in need of more brainstorming

By: Ahmed Naeem (@AhNaeem)
Addressing a charged crowd of more than a 100,000 supporters during Peshawar Jalsa on 10th March, PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced launching of the "Tabdeeli Razakar" (Change Volunteer) Program. 
The program will mobilize & train nearly 1 million youth volunteers. The main purpose & tasks of these youth volunteers as narrated by Imran Khan are:

  • Increasing political awareness among the masses through door to door campaign across the country
  • Performing anti-rigging and electoral representation duties on Election day

This program has the potential to change the destiny of the nation through spreading PTI's message of Justice, Humanity and Self Esteem to the masses of Pakistan. On the flip side it has the potential to become a monster beyond the control of party leadership unless carefully controlled and planned. The potential hazards are summarized as under:
  • It may get intruded by planted opponents (and thus cause more harm than good)
  • The differences within may cause different messages being spread by volunteer groups in different regions
  • It may turn out to be violent during the campaign or on election day.
Having pointed towards the potential problems, a few suggestions are warranted to avoid the same:
  • Tabdeeli Razakars should report to local leadership to
    • ensure local level check & balance as well as to ensure safeguard against intruders
    • ensure discipline & loyality
  • Tabdeeli Razakars should have a strict, written, code of conduct; no fighting, no weapons, no wall chalking, no harassment, no unlawful activities.
  • Tabdeeli Razakars should be from no particular sect or ethnicity, thus eliminating the chances of division among society or voters. (PTI is a national level party far above the divisions & it has to keep its image like that.)
  • Tabdeeli Razakars need to have a defined job description primarily to enhance party support which should be in form of written pamphlets to distribute & elaborate, thus eliminating the chances of spreading of individual agendas or ideas being spread from a PTI Platform.
  • The anti-rigging duties on the election day should be confined to 'watch & report' and ‘collection of evidence'. (Higher tier channels should be established for the purpose). Under no circumstances should the Tabdeeli Razakars be allowed to take law into their hands or confront the situation on their own. They may end up injured or arrested besides causing a bad name to PTI.
  • PTI lawyers forum should prepare guidelines on the subject of collection of evidence of rigging, in case some incident like that is experienced.
  • Tabdeeli Razakars should not (repeated should not) be allowed to collect donations in the name of PTI, thus eliminating the chances of creating extortion collection groups like those created by other political parties especially in Karachi.
The potential problems pointed to above & suggestions made thereof are in no way conclusive. Detailed brainstorming should be done on the subject to make the scheme more fruitful.
The writer is a PTI supporter and tweets at @AhNaeem .

Disclaimer: This blog is not an official PTI webpage and is run by a group of volunteers having no official position in PTI. All posts are personal opinions of the bloggers and should, in no way, be taken as official PTI word.
With Regards,
"Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA Volunteers" Team.

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