Friday, April 12, 2013

Vote with your Remote - How to cope with biased media attitude

By Ahmed Naeem (@AhNaeem)
Suggestions for PTI  MEMBERS:
·         The world is not fair, learn to live with it:
o   If you find media persons selling cheap crap instead of some patriotic endeavour by PTI leadership, learn to live with it, your counter criticism or aggressive comments wont change the priorities of their air time.
o   Media Houses are commercial entities; they work for money, so what if the government advertisements are given to them? They work for advertisement & live on the ratings; how can someone not be concerned about a salary cheque or profit/loss statement living in current economic age.
o   Media always hypes unusual things, Lahore & Karachi rallies of PTI were given coverage, they were unusual, now a 100 thousand people in any known city of Pakistan gathered by PTI is not unusual, it common practise, it doesn’t make a news, let’s be proud of it rather than complaining it.
o   If media anchors hold IK responsible for every wrong that happens from Khyber to Karachi, it means they consider him a nationally responsible leader, again be proud of it rather than getting angry.
o   If joining of some electables was criticised & leaving of the same electables is called a decline in popularity; let it pass, it proves the strict rules for candidature in PTI, be proud of it rather than getting angry.
o   If IK is criticised for even a shade of grey while opponents are dipped in black from head to toe, it proves he stands out tall among the SIASEE BONEY (a term used by Hassan Nisaar), be proud of it rather than getting angry.
o   Our media is only 10-12 years old, things will improve with time, dirty sheep will be cleaned away with the evolution of time, don’t force it, don’t get your hands & tongues dirty trying to speed up a natural process.
o   If there are a few anchors in the media who earn their living by hurling baseless criticism on PTI & IK, let them do it, the whole world knows their worth. Their nonsense will not effect party following. Each anchor/channel is earning its worth.
o   If some media people are hired by opponents, let them live on the Lifafa. This lifafa will take them down, your abuses wont.
·         There will always be biased criticism, one that boils the blood of PTI worker or an IK fan. Baseless on its face; how to deal with it.
o   There are people in media who take money or favours from those in power, there is no question, this breed exists, they write what they are paid to write, but the important question for you is can you stop them by counter criticism, the answer is a big capital NO. Why would a paid writer or anchor bother about your criticism or abuses?
o   If someone, a liberal fascist or a hardliner from Islamist extremist attacks PTI or IK, can you stop him through counter criticism or abuses. NO again, ideologies cannot be changed like that
o   If someone is working for the hidden hands (local or foreign), can he be altered through criticism, NO, dollars significantly reduce your ability to feel insulted or humiliated.
Then...? whats the best way to respond.
Media houses are commercial entities, which run on advertisement money, the rate/unit time of which is decided based on the ratings of the channel. Ratings are generated through the data of viewership gathered through cable operators. If you want to counter them, hit them where it hurts; cause their rating to fall, how??

·         Don’t watch their shows, spread the message to your friends, family & others you can influence.
·         Don’t follow them on social media, don’t subscribe their facebook pages, don’t follow them on twitter.
·         Register your opinion, go to the official websites or social media pages of their employer media houses or newspapers, register your complaints & let them know you are abandoning the channel due to Mr/Ms X. Believe me no owner would like it beyond a certain number of complaints. If they do, it would be clear that the owners are the culprits not the anchors, so stop watching those channels, collectively run a campaign of boycott against those channels on social media pages. Set an example & the other channels will be watchful.
The writer is an an Inasafian whose blood boils at the media's biased attitude and tweets at @AhNaeem).

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