Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sheema Mehkar writes to Imran Khan - Wake up Kaptaan

Sheema Mehkar writes to Imran Khan
Without an ounce of hesitation I declare to be a proud supporter of the PTI. On May 11, 2013, I casted my first ever vote for Imran Khan; for believing in all what PTI made me dreamt. Khan Sb, I accept, I haven't done anything substantive for the PTI to prove my adoration and respect for you. I might be standing far away from reality, with the most ignorant mind and incompetent soul – I am obligated to admit here – Khan Sb. For the reasons, many would justify to question my right to say whatever I am going to. Others might comment as if you don’t know and (Ah!) it is easy said than done. Khan Sb, I also seek pardon in advance as I never talked to anyone big like you. All this may sound gushy nonsensical rhetoric and probably no one on this planet would ever understand it. But, Khan Sb, you surely will. Of that I am very sure.

Unlike many, Khan Sb, I am privileged to reside in the safest zone of Islamabad. I am blessed not to experience any loss of my dear ones in any terror blasts. Other night, a mere thunder made me fell off the bed subconsciously imaging it’s a bomb blast outside and I am about to die. Khan Sb, this is verge of 'agony' we have reached. Pakistan is sinking in the flood of terrorism and extremism; you know more than I do that what we are heading to. So let me jump to the point. Khan Sb, prior to the elections PTI claimed to be the only party well armed with ‘Counter Terrorism Policy’ Condemnations, Khan Sb, are becoming futile. Sympathies now get scars deepen and breed more hatred. People now prefer politicians to stay mute instead of uttering callous statements and making fake promises; they have stopped believing, Khan Sb. With huge disappointment, the same condemning statements are dragging PTI in parallel to the other parties and significantly your kind self to other politicians. The later aspect is a bigger woe as people really want to believe in you, Khan Sb. But, if the course remains the same; I worry, it might not last long, Khan Sb. For a second, I like million others, can’t doubt your intentions and integrity. But, Khan Sb, time is very cruel. It doesn't weigh one as who was with fair-intend and who with mal-intend, but, who ‘did’ and who ‘didn't’ – a ‘doer’ I dare to say. The question is not that you don’t want or you can’t or you will not, but, when??
What if APC for yet another time will prove a fiasco? What if COAS will not agree in holding ‘closed-door-meeting’ with you? What if truth will never be told to you? What if Government will not come up with any strategy? That means we shall stop hoping that no one will save us? A deep-seated confusion persists on the subject matter, driving everyone's head go spun. Khan Sb, I tell you, people vouch for your words. So, are you sure you are as clear on it as you are on the issues like rigging and governance in KPK? I dare to ask. People are least concerned as whose war is this, what ‘behind the stage’ is going on and how complicated things are; they want one thing – Solution. They are ready to sleep with empty bellies, but, not with empty homes. Yes, I second, unless the complete truth is known strategies can’t be made. If nothing else, bring to us the policy that PTI claimed to have. 
Begin it with “as per the available information and truth…”, we will understand, Khan Sb: All this not for a political sixer, but, those searching for a clue and direction may take guidance from it; even if it is of minute help.
Khan Sb, you made us believe in “Iyyaka Na'budu Wa Iyyaka Nasta'een”, ‘will’ we can witness, clearly, your bona fide demeanor is a testimony to that. Now ‘substantive struggle ’beyond‘…we strongly condemn rhetoric is awaited. 
I strongly wish some extraordinary upshot from the Government, but, all the expectations are decaying with each passing day; (actually) which I never had much. Khan Sb, people look up to you as their last hope and hopes bounded to you are too strong to die. But, there exists a fact: emotions are indigent of physical achievements. The clock is ticking and we are dying. Khan Sb, please save us!

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With Regards,
"Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA Volunteers" Team.

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