Monday, October 21, 2013

Shikwa - Terrorism: Imran Khan’s journey from Apologetic Confusion to Brutal Complacence

Before PTI trolls pounce at me on social media, let me declare I have nothing personal against Imran Khan. Contrary to the perceptions of his zealots who think anyone questioning the ‘Great IK’ is an IK-hater, I personally am a fan of Kaptaan’s cricket & his philanthropic activities. I rather love him for his one-of-its-kind Cancer Hospital SKMH and the Bradford-affiliated Namal University (& even contribute to these regularly). However, of Khan and his ‘leadership’, that’s about it  for me. While Kaptaan – the sportsman & philanthropist – has been a hero to me all along, Kaptaan – the politician – is in my eyes, at best an epitome of naivety & at worst, a disaster of a political leader.
While his ideals about politics, corruption & governance have all been questionable & controversial, his views on the issue of terrorism are a mix of naiveté, rhetoric, apologetic confusion, hypocritical ignorance & brutal complacence. He is as confused on the issue (or probably more) as any re-born Muslim with an aristocratic background, elitist schooling & an Oxford degree can possibly be. While terrorists kill at will everywhere in the land of the pure, here we have the leader of Pakistan’s 2nd largest political party justifying their killing spree on flimsy grounds. What makes his stand more dangerous is his actual belief in what he feels is justification for the killings. Much can be said about Khan’s stand on the issue of terrorism, however, he touches an almost criminal level because of following reasons:
1)   Taliban Khan: He thinks Taliban militants are engaged in a Jehad in Pakistan and Afghanistan. How?
2)   Terror Apologist: He justifies the killings by militants by linking them to drone attacks. How can attacks on mosques, churches or civilians & security forces be linked to drones?
3)   Coward: He never condemns terrorism & terrorist attacks. Also he never sympathizes with victims of such attacks e.g. Malala Yousafzai, Shia Hazaras & Christians etc. Why?
4)   Confused: While militants kill our soldiers (like General Sanaullah Shaheed), flout our state’s writ and denounce our constitution, Imran Khan still calls for talks with them. Why?
5)   Naïve: Militants are savages – they slit throats of our soldiers and kill innocent civilians. However, Imran Khan thinks they are ‘own people’ anguished by drones & operations; that they can somehow be tamed. How naïve?
6)   Taliban spokesman: While militants attempt to take over our state, Imran Khan wants to legalize their position & give them official recognition by asking for opening of Taliban office.
7)   Nonsensical: Imran Khan wants peace talks with militants while ignoring the fact that militants are not made for peace deals & all such previous attempts failed due to them.
8)   Ignorant or Hypocrite: Imran Khan tells us military operations are not a solution to the militancy problem and that operations will never succeed. He forgets that Swat was cleared & peace restored through an operation. Similarly Bajaur, Mohmand, Khyber, Tirah, Orakzai, Kurram & South Waziristan have all been cleared through military operations.
       Imran Khan also conveniently forgets that Sri Lanka ended terrorism on its soil through war, not peace talks.
9)   Brutal & Inhumane: Imran Khan doesn’t feel the pain of Pakistanis who die at the hands of terrorists.
10) Political disaster: Imran Khan wants Pakistan to shoot down drones & thus go into war against the Americans, all this while forgetting that USA can send us to stone age, militarily as well as economically.
Imran Khan is a confused, if not criminally apologetic, man & this fact becomes more dangerous when we see a large section of youth follow him blindly. He is confusing the future of Pakistan as he indirectly advocates taking Pakistan into the medieval world where education is banned, women are restricted to homes & vigilantism is order of the day. He will be more dangerous for Pakistan than even the past rulers & his rival politicians.
(Read Jawab-e-Shikwa for this Shikwa here)
The writer is a tribesman from Bajaur Agency (FATA) and tweets at @PTI_FATA .
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