Sunday, November 10, 2013

Terrorism – The Timeline of Terrorism In Pakistan

By Ali Khan Burki ( @satwanja57 )
1. Should we start a ride back in time to ascertain the causes that led to the agitation in society? How far back we need to travel?
2. Occupation for the sake of power / control is beyond recorded history

3. Cyrus, Darius, Alexander, Genghis Khan, Mohammad Bin Qasim, Tariq Bin Ziyad and many others; operating under different narrative used force to occupy, implement change or fear or control or ideology.

4. Afghanistan has been a battle ground for centuries, most of the above passed through. Dry, barren land changed the personalities of people-nomads fought along and against, independent tribal village states continued the friction

5. British came for trade, exploited the divide and rule policy and occupied the land

6. Hindus claim Muslims occupied their land but Aryans occupied Indus Valley civilizations?

7. Service to rulers led to awards, titles and compensations in British India

8. British adventures in Afghanistan resulted in fierce resistance thus Durand Line established to again apply divide and rule policy in the region

9. Creation of Pakistan, subsequent rule by the entrusted esteemed servants of yesteryears as elites of new nation

10. Pursuit of capitalist policies, much trumpeted trickledown effect, false political slogans , feudal controls and legacies led to bifurcation of Pakistan

11. Education used as a tool of slavery – segregation through brands of educational institutions, syllabus developed.

12. Branded qualifications entrusted top jobs, facilities and privileges while rest relegated to lower left-overs.

13. Control of educational opportunities in the area under feudal control acted similar to capitalist control in urban centres – development and manipulation of requisite cadres of workforce, mindsets, abilities and yes men.

14. Discoveries of gas and oil pockets in late 50s and 60s, renewed geo-political economics, brought the polar powers interests to the region

15. Controlled agitation introduced in the region to facilitate the Military Arms Complex of the worlds – largest and most profitable business

16. Selection of faces to run the system, which by now dogmatic with chase of money, corrupted due to not so trickling down money

17. Regional Umma’s effort to infuse political and regional authority resulted in concentrated psy-ops, intelligence infiltrations, political assassinations – Middle East + Pakistan was then in quagmire between East and West

18. Chess moves with limited ability to envisage opponent options landed Pakistan in the lap of Western powers

19. Development of indigenous wall of freedom fighters to counter red storm, to avoid Russio-Indian physical nexus, to avoid access to warm waters of Arabian peninsula – the war of ideology, national pride, revenge, mythical /conceptual reinstatement and yes, very valid economic break through – link for Central Asian States oil and gas to closest ports

20. Ideological differences never threatened the very trade thus precious minerals determined the fate of the region

21. Stability was not considered appropriate option for the region thus controlled agitation infused in to the area – Sectarian, linguistic, religious, cultural, ideological, geographical conflicts of opinions and perceptions

22. The freedom fighters were directed towards another front with feeble attempt to create Afghanistan like destabilization in Kashmir

23. Feeble attempt it was because of estranged relationship between the love birds of red storm days – the reluctant nod to keep the thong in Indian side, not so fatal was agreed

24. Reluctant but fatal abandonment of siblings nurtured on foreign nutrients

25. Retaliation came in the form of sustainable support to BLA and so called gangs of Karachi

26. The change of political scene, world dynamics, threat perception happened – 9/11 happened

27. Axis of Evil, Crusade against terrorists devised – God spoke to Bush! Miracles do happen but War on Terror happened more visibly

28. Once the freedom fighters, most noble in the eyes of Reagan became the terrorists threatening the freedom, peace, prosperity and sovereignty of Master of New World Order

29. Conspiracy of 9/11 still haunts but the deaths since then haunt more

30. A little before 9/11, local political change also took place; with any connection to 9/11? All guesses are valid

31. Miracle happened through opening of media – things started to leak and take voice

32. With us or against us – our brave military commander gave a conscience and cautious decision

33. Media started to weigh in decisions thus became a stakeholder in opinion making and influencing tools

34. Allowance of military bases for transportation purposes only – the claim refuted to the core

35. Razmak, Miran Shah, Shamsi, Dalbadin, Baleli, Nara, Tarbela, Nal, Kakul are few of the places operated for not so logistics purposes too

36. Boots on ground existed; prestigious foreign made all weather boots!

37. Suction into War on Terror and legitimization of suction as Own War

38. Military action in FATA – hasty, ill planned operation germinated rebellion

39. Pakistan becomes frontline state, dear friend, trustworthy alley, long standing friend sharing mutual ideologies!

40. Friends of Pakistan were born – illegitimate to the most!

41. Divisions appeared – deaths started to mount on one side while wealth on other

42. Death from sky – metal bird rained fire

43. Drone attacks increased based on the signature of a terrorist

44. Signatures mixed up in the society where The Signature is the tradition

45. Rebellion started to get hijacked, multiplication of avengers – joiners were not all really affected but also the criminal elements seeking continuity, platform, nuisance value

46. Magical powers they possessed – money, weapons, arms, shelter, training, planning everything started to happen out of blue while own intelligentsia remained baffled

47. Masters urged to Do More while Pakistan couldn’t Do More even until now!

48. Expertise of these so called terrorists ranked at par with critically trained special op experts – bold strikes against Army, Police, Civilians and even intelligence centers

49. Presence started to be witnessed all across the nation – Karachi opportunistic militant factions of political parties operative for local dominance continued their mantra under the banner of banned organizations

50. Killings increased, deaths mounted while Army was stretched from Siachin to Gawader, Salala to Cholistan – Who care of mental and physical fatigue?

51. Ideological diverse groups conjuring for status and collusion, forming TTP

52. The infusion of ideology deep in Pakistan – Southern Punjab, Karachi, Swat

53. Army operations, sacrifices of military and civilians alike and peace deals – sabotaging or strike of fate

54. Deaths mounted still while in domestic front, people started showing the agitation

55. Continuation of dictatorship through NRO and death of BB

56. Much cherished democracy born illegitimately and continues for its lifecycle

57. Agitated gathered under the third force to counter the politically married parties

58. Continuation of NRO threatened – heavily rigged elections brought in a compromised leadership reflecting a subdued premier under stress and pressure – Helpless demeanor

59. Economic chaos of democratic flirt accepted as inevitable and to be nurtured through yet illicit financial drugs!

60. Even with enlightened media, liberals and journalists questioning the policies; we witness the domestic consumption tagged to usage of elitist segment of urbanities while rural majority is destined to accept spade as spade.

61. Capitalist leaders with their capitalist mindset chose capitalist policies to save capitalism!

Collision of multiple chaotic policies, decisions, thought process resulted in the present quagmire of issues and more issues dotted in the internal socio-political and foreign policy chess board. The timeline above has resulted in following multifaceted issues haunting the very fiber of the society, nation and generation as whole:

1- Education policies created the social divide that has creviced since independence

2- Employment discrimination based on educational brands further added fuel to the smoldering social fuse

3- Urban and rural divide – knowledge of civil rights and total ignorance

4- Elitist mindset restructuring national thought – distancing from religion in 60s – 70s to imposition of religious values in 80s then opening up to western influences again – a generation bred through flux and indecision

5- Resultant generation lacked the moral, ethical, civil, religious values while urbanites to certain caliber knew of such liberties and privileges as prized knowledge while urban centers itself reflect clear cultural differences while rural population succeeded rising above the level of slaves in over 60 plus years

6- Self discipline, honesty, honor, association, patriotism relegated to the classes below the ruling elite and their extended families

7- Economic instability, inequality of income distribution, wealth accumulation by certain families, twisted economic policies, and twisted morals – decades’ old banter infused the submission to status quo as will of nature and accomplishment.

8- Brain drain of those who could, rest struggling in the corrupted system, cursing but continuing

9- Unemployment playing devil with the minds of youth who are bred through the society that already lacked the moral, ethical, civil, religious values.

10- Health became the privileged statement – children of lesser gods made to search for their gods in despair and dejection

11- Food adulteration destined for the population – hygiene, quality, immunity all sacrificed by the very workers on behest of the rulers yet the rulers survived on the certified imports

12- Religious schools filling the gaps of haves and have-nots , raising banner to the call of Jihad during 80s, got manipulated through sectarian ideologies but remember the economic disparity already fused in, bred through and cornered to be exploded

13- Linguistics, cultural, social, historical, ideological and geographical issues getting exploited by certain who intend to take advantage yet divided opinions of learned thrusts confusion among the masses – opportunity for foreign intervention

14- Politics became reserved for few while people glued, tuned to leftovers, bread crumbs of economic development as legitimate and authentic capacity rights – people remain loyal through ignorance

15- Monarchy in democratic clothes in rampant across the land ruled by the jungle laws

16- Land of pure has become the land of insecure

17- Money, Power, Authority has taken over as the religion instead of the Honesty, Morality, Ethics

18- Generation brought up in the corrupted system entered the professional life with flexibility and ability to absorb the corruption through illogical logics and excuses

19- Social fiber dented further through judicial exploits – Justice delayed is justice denied but what if justice is denied then?

20- Scratching backs has become norm among the elite while the workers follow in suit

21- Elite becoming elitist while rest are forced to rest over the rest

22- Shallowness of ruling class exploited – capitalist dreams getting fulfilled

23- Another generation is being prepared under the smoldering agitation and frustration – corruption is accepted as part of sweet life in land of pure

24- Capitalism has replaced the Patriotism

Political gimmicks and rhetoric dotted with social issues highlighted above has divided the haves and have-nots and further generated a large number of disgruntled, disorientated, frustrated, agitated, unemployed and deprived populations of terrorists – All ready to be enrolled and employed!

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