Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rebuttal to 'A Dangerous Game' - Express Tribune

By Shah Zalmay Khan
Today, Express Tribune chose to write an editorial (out of the blue) to censure PTI and KPK govt over the PESCO control issue. The editorial is largely based on rhetoric and twisting of facts and - like all PTI-bashing ET pieces - rife with lame arguments.
Lets answer some of them point-wise.
1) Yes, K-P would pay far less for its electricity in the summer, but it would also lose about half its electricity supply in the winter. In those months, the province currently relies on electricity produced from natural gas in Sindh and Balochistan, and power plants based in Punjab.
Clarification: KPK doesn't only produce cheap hydel electricity in Summer months. It also has a surplus of gas (almost double its winter requirements) which KPK can use to generate cheaper electricity consistently in winters too. Gas plants don't take too long to establish & make operational. So this point gets overruled, as KPK is not necessarily dependent on other provinces even in winters. .
2) Responsibility for the enforcement of laws against electricity theft lies firmly with the provincial government. .
Clarification: According to current constitutional mechanism in place, KPK (or any province) is only bound to provide security to WAPDA/PESCO installations and arrest any power thieves ONLY IF the relevant department e.g PESCO launches formal complaint. Currently NO provincial govt is authorized/bound to catch any power theft on their own (without specific WAPDA/PESCO complaint against specific persons). The law is very clear on this point too. .
3) We believe that in this case, the federal government’s demand is perfectly reasonable: show yourself capable of running the toughest part of the electricity system (distribution) before asking to manage the easiest part (generation). If Pesco only had to pay for hydroelectric power, its profit margins would be so large that it would have absolutely no incentive to take any action against electricity theft. That would be tantamount to a subsidy for people who steal electricity in K-P, paid for by law-abiding citizens everywhere, including those in other provinces. In the name of provincial rights, the PTI is effectively asking for a freebie. The party should be careful in making such demands. Its voters in other provinces are unlikely to take kindly to higher bills for no reason.
Clarification: This is a highly malicious argument, clearly devoid of any logic whatsoever. Pakistan is a federation and the constitution (especially after 18th amendment) gives all provincial govts every right to facilitate their electorate, within their own resources. If KPK has a cheap electricity source, why shouldn't KPK folks be facilitated with lower electricity rates? Why would someone throw that malicious argument - only because PTI is involved? Has ET ever thrown this argument the Punjab's way when it stops Wheat supply to KPK arbitrarily whenever it wants? Has ET ever thrown this argument Sindh's way when it gets preferential use rights over its Gas? How is KPK's electricity (energy) different from Sindh's Gas (energy)? Or is it that PTI in KPK bothers ET's liberal ego? .

ET missing the real point totally (maliciously?):
And mind it, Imran Khan only asked for PESCO control after federal ministers repeatedly (wrongly) blamed KPK govt for power theft and recovery etc. IK's was a counter-argument; not the starting argument. Has Sindh ever been blamed for Gas theft or recovery issues? How is PESCO different from SSGPL? Both are federal departments responsible for energy distribution and collection in provincial areas. Why KPK govt is blamed for failure of a federal department? Has KPK govt ever refused to pursue cases against any power thieves identified or reported by PESCO? If not, why federal ministers blame KPK govt? And why media like ET never censures PMLN for this twisting of ground facts? ET never wrote an editorial to remind federal govt that it was their responsibility to ensure running WAPDA/PESCO/PEPCO smoothly. However, for some Lifaafic twist of facts, ET chose to write one against PTI - that too on malicious arguments.
. Better ET should stop twisting facts to malign PTI, IK or KPK govt - won't get anything except some RTs or share from perpetual IK-bashers.
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  1. Tight slap right on Haters face.. We need more rebuttals like these.. Keep up the good work