Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is KP govt really deleting chapters about Pashtun leaders from KP syllabus?

By: Shah Zalmay Khan
Poor PTI-haters. Imran Khan is literally messing with their minds, I feel. They can't find much against him on account of corruption or bad governance in KP so they have resorted to something else - plain propaganda to confuse the public especially the educated youth (core of Imran Khan's support).
Latest propaganda stunt:
"KP govt is removing chapters about Bacha Khan and Ghani Khan from 12th class Pashto book".
They say this is indoctrination bla bla bla. For that they are using a misleading report from DAWN (by a reporter whose affiliation with ANP is known). ANP/PPP/MQM leaders and desi liberals as well as Lifaafist journos are all sharing & RTing the report and making hue & cry as if sky is falling down.
The worst part. The same report (in 2nd last para) carries the official clarification by concerned KP govt deptt:
"DCTE (Directorate of Curriculum and Teachers Education) director Bashir Hussain Shah told Dawn that chapters on Bacha Khan and Ghani Khan would not be excluded from the Pashto book for 12th grade".
I personally went to comments section of this DAWN report and commented on the topic pointing out this inherent absurdity in the report. Guess what? The torch-bearers of 'Freedom of Speech' censored my comment and was not publishe, while some 20 comments 'OMG shame on PTI' type comments praising the 'eye-opener report' have been published :)
If that was not enough, PTI Secretary Information and MNA, Shireen Mazari clarified it on Twitter too:

    1. DAWN 'sickness' continues: Headline: No place for Pashtun ldrs (Bacha/Ghani) in KP syllabus. Inside: DCTE (govt) says both are still there
    2.  Retweeted by 
      spoke to Atif Khan the Ed minister and he says no such deletion has taken place!This is periodic propaganda done by opponents!
Look at the headline and look at the govt+PTI clarification. Inspite of the relevant deptt's clarification, what then is the ground for any further hue & cry? Nothing except hate for PTI and Imran Khan. However, these propagandists don't know that 'Jisey Allah rakhey usay kon chhakey'. PTI is here to stay (as much as they hate this fact). These propagandists think nobody has time for reading full report and they will misguide people by headlines. We youth are here to expose their propaganda. A moment of silence for all such people.
On a lighter note: Some friends are very naughty. I was discussing this syllabus issue with a friend over a cup of tea and he came up with this masterpiece about IK-haters especially the desi liberals (Landey ke angrez) brand:
"These desi liberals are nothing more than crows - doing kaayen kaayen kaayen kaayen - at any available opportunity to bash Imran Khan (if there is no opportunity, they create one). The best part is nobody cares about their kaayen kaayen kaayen because their lies and triangulations are all too exposed".
I laughed my heart out at this interesting comparison.
And here I am, with a message for my dear IK-hater friends (especially desi liberals):
Plz plz plz continue your 'kaayen kaayen kaayen'. Who cares? :)
The writer is a tribesman from Bajaur Agency (FATA) and tweets at @PTI_FATA .
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