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PTI - Renaissance (Part-2): CHANGE the Thinking of 'Brand PTI'

PTI - Renaissance
Part-2: CHANGE the Thinking of 'Brand PTI'
By: Shah Zalmay Khan
What is wrong with ‘Brand PTI’? Discussed in part-1.

Can ‘Brand PTI’ correct what is wrong? Fortunately YES.

How? This will require a paradigm shift in thinking; a strategic restructuring at the organizational & policy levels coupled with tactical readjustments (based on various factors peculiar to different regions, communities and interest groups).

How can a shift in ’thinking’ help?

Because whatever PTI has been doing (especially since Elections 2013), is dictated by the mis-timed thinking (not WRONG but IMPRACTICAL).
WTH am I talking about? I honestly don’t know :p

The thinking of ‘Brand PTI’ revolves around ‘whining’; yes WHINING 24/7. Our social media pages (including my TL), our media appearances, our Chairman’s interviews, our Jalsas (not to forget the 126-day dharna) and even the day-to-day political discussions of common Insafians sounds like one long continuous ‘whining spree’.

We seem to be doing the whining job for everybody – from Lahore’s Orange Line sufferers TO Karachi’s bhatta sufferers TO Thar’s hunger sufferers TO Balochistan/KP’s injustice sufferers to PIA’s privatization sufferers and the list goes on and on and on. In an attempt to become ‘voice of everybody’ we have, in effect, become a whining kid. And even a loving/caring mother gets bored of a perpetually whining kid, however adorable and cute he/she may be otherwise. No?

And public isn’t even a mother to PTI so won’t they get bored of PTI whining 24/7?

Wait wait. Some may say: “But ohhh PTI is whining for the very public. IK has no personal stake, he is selfless, bla bla bla”. I know the whole line of arguments because I have been using the same for like gazillion times. True, PTI is whining for the public but the public gets bored of it. Oxymoron? Seems like one.

Basically, we (PTI) are not letting the sufferers (read public) whine their hearts out; we are not letting their whining translate into anger & hate against the perpetrators of their sufferings. Sounds strange? Yes, it is Psychology-101. By doing the whining job for the public, we are being a sort of vent for the pressure that would otherwise build up within them and make them hate their ‘voted choice’. We are not letting the public repent their decision of voting for the perpetrators of their current sufferings.

Our continuous protest/whining mode is not giving them the silence (read settling-down) time needed for honest introspection & repenting. What happens as a result? A PMLN/PPP/MQM supporter who may otherwise be disgruntled of his/her voted party (due to the suffering they brought), starts defending the same party when we try to CORNER him/her via our ‘reminders’ (social media posts, interviews, jalsas, daily discussions). In the face of a lack of awareness and general illiteracy, our taunting & reminders lead them to dig heels deeper in the ground they stand on (paid propaganda via media augments the process).
Hence you see a sufferer of Lahore’s crumbling govt hospital/school system defend the shiny metro with “Kuch to ban raha hai na” OR you see a Sindhi sufferer of Thar’s hunger defend the ‘vote for grave of Shaheed Rani’ OR you see a seemingly educated Karachiite sufferer of bhatta defend the “Apnay to Apnay hain na” and so on.
The perpetual combat/campaign mode of PTI is not letting the dust settle down so the public can see clearly, for an honest introspection. Instead the hardening of stances results in the disgruntled Jiyala/Matwala/Haqparast to stick to his ‘voted choice’. Alas!!!!!!!!

We need to stop reminding the public what their ‘voted parties’ are doing to them. Why? Because they don’t need to be reminded that they are suffering.

They ARE suffering and are ‘experiencing the suffering first-hand’; feeling the pain of electricity loadshedding or of no gas to cook breakfast; feeling the agony of losing a loved one to hunger & disease in Thar; feeling the sting of a job lost to closure of textile mill (due to poor govt policies); feeling the loss of income on a crop to the collusion of govt departments and middlemen; feeling the pinch of heavy private sector health/education service costs; feeling the effects of an inflated electricity/gas/grocery bill; feeling the horror of a bhatta parchi or a target-killed kin; basically feeling EVERY suffering.

But by continuously reminding them YOU ARE SUFFERING, we are basically hardening them in their jahalat. Cornered, they start defending their ‘voted choice’ by parroting the propaganda lines fed to them by the parties they voted: lines about show-piece projects; about Shuhada’s graves; about APNAY TO APNAY HAIN; about the defence of Islam by Ulema etc etc.

Samajh aayee? Nahi aayee? Mujhay bhi nahi aati samajh is qaum ki :p

But the point about the public is: Our efforts at shaming ‘their political choice’ are being taken as an effort to shame them (the public). It is becoming increasingly counterproductive; our protests, our criticism of the rulers, our efforts to appease the public by ‘being Mama Jee’. They are taking it all negatively and that’s it. No amount of ‘solidarity’ would convince them, unless we give them time to repent. Cruel and hypocritical as it may sound, the public needs enough time to suffer & whine, all by themselves, before they are ready to change their voting preferences. Not sure if it is humane but the strategy makes perfect political sense.

What does that entail? Not much. Just stay out of the ‘publicly public’ sphere (whatever that means, lol). Confused? To put it in simple words: stop being the Meera Jee (errrr Mama Jee); stop being in the news unnecessarily; stop being seen/discussed on TV half the Khabarnama and 2/3rd the talk shows every night. I know staying away from media (specifically camera) gaze is hard for you but try it Khan Saab. Stop taking a position on every issue that props up; stop speaking/tweeting on every other step that Sharifs/Zardari/Army/America/Arabs take.

Learn to ‘reserve comments’, basically re-learn the ‘well left’ strategy from Cricket.

The time you spend giving interviews to TV channels or speaking to media here & there (2-3 hours daily) is better spent on party affairs (or best, on KP affairs). The TV channels use your interviews for ratings and mock you behind your back; twist your statements and then run the twisted versions for propaganda against you & PTI. Let me be a bit cruel here but the media basically treats you at par with Meera Jee; an object for some masalha news & that’s it. And yes, they use you as a bargain chip to get RATE (read Lifaafas / advertisements) from Raiwind.

You are not Meera Jee, Khan Saab, are you? Why your position / statement /tweet is needed on every matter? Where is the PTI 2nd and 3rd tier? Where is the media wing (whose responsibility it is, basically)? What is achieved from these endless interviews / statements / press conferences anyway?

Nobody likes MAMA JEEs or MEERA JEEs; never did; never will. Try, for once, not to be Mama Jee or Meera Jee till next elections, Khan Saab. Please.
Continued in Part-3 here.

The writer is a tribesman from Bajaur Agency (FATA) and tweets at @ZalmayX .
(No official association with PTI)

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